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    Sewage Under House: How To Remove Smell

    Do you have pets? If so, you might want to stay away from the lime. The safest and most effective odor remover is and has always been sodium bicarbonate...baking soda. Restaurant suppliers have it in bulk.
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    Buying a house - sagging wall?

    :eek: 99.9% sure that's a structural problem. There's definitely water infiltration to the point it has rotted the framing in the corner. I've seen it before, and it's not easy to fix. 10 to 1 that the roof has shifted one way or the other to follow the sagging framing. By the way, when I...
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    Wood Flooring over cement slab?

    I will use this opportunity to encourage anyone who askes about the efficacy of engineered or renewable resources. The higher quality flooring with the better insulation underneath will improve the energy efficiency of your home. As for bamboo, it is the world's most renewable building...
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    Drywall, Gap or No Gap

    No need to leave a gap between sheets. The taper you hire will know how to handle this condition and it will not inflate his price. Just make sure your install is solid. Eight screws on the edges, six in the field is the rule of thumb.
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    Do Nat. Gas Dryers need to be vented outside?

    Do you need to drill through concrete? Why the need to rent? Can you route the vent higher to get above the foundation? If so, all you need is a four inch hole saw and a moderately powerful electric or battery powered drill with an adjustable clutch.
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    Do Nat. Gas Dryers need to be vented outside?

    The reaction I summed up earlier is what's called by chemists "incomplete combustion". This occurs when the primary fuel for any combustion reaction (oxygen) is in short supply, such as in a closed environment such as a furnace or a dryer in an enclosed space (laundry or mechanical room)...
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    Do Nat. Gas Dryers need to be vented outside?

    The chemical reaction that takes place when one burns methane (NH4) has three products: Water, Nitrogen, and Carbon Monoxide. Water and Nitrogen are both quite harmless. Carbon Monoxide, in high concentrations, is bad for you. A tank of water will not filter the gas. There are air scrubbers...
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    retrofit modern doorknobs to old keyhole doors?

    You've got a complicated problem. I can only imagine that by "keyhole", you've got what's called a mortise lock. That is to say, there is a large, rectangular assembly that incorporates both the latch mechanism, and the lock mechanism. The "square shafts" you refer to are called spindles, and...
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    Crown Moulding Installation

    Decorator's Supply Co. in Chicago has everything under the sun. Don't bother visiting their web site unless you've got a few hours to kill.
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    Building a patio table

    It's easy to make a tile table top look tacky. However, if you're just in love with the idea, look up some stained glass patterns and try your hand at a hand made mosaic. It'll take more time, a lot more, but it's the only way to make that project truly custom.
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    Who should fill the nail holes?

    My experience is mostly in high end construction in the Midwest. Maybe it's different depending on the location, but generally, the carpenter is making a good deal more per hour than a painter. This axom holds true for the apprentices and laborers who would be given this work on a job site...
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    Basement Furring Strips

    I agree with inspector D. Not only are metal studs cheaper than wood, they'll go up an awful lot faster than plumbing and string lining 2 x 2 furring (plus the convenience of pre-puched holes for electrical). Pulling the old strips off will save precious space. The fact that there is epoxy...
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    Is fiberglass insulation for dishwasher safe?

    Most manufacturers place an insulating layer around new dishwashers. The type you have probably does not have an internal heating source and takes its water supply from the hot H2O supply under your kitchen sink. High end brands such as Meile have their own heater and are connected to the cold...
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    I have recently moved accross the country and am taking an extended break from the work I've been doing for a high end remodeler in Chicago. I'm not in too big a hurry to get back to the 9 to 5 and realized that I actually miss the flexing of mental muscle that remodelling projects require. I...