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    Outlet/Ceiling fan problem

    If you live in a coastal region with a lot of humidity and salt in the air there could be a problem with corrosion in the mechanical (Not Soldered) electrical connections. I recently found this in a relativity new ceiling fan after it started having problems running fast and the lights dimming...
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    corroded electrical connections
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    replacing tub fixtures

    By update you mean just the apperance and not the functionality, correct? Check at the major home centers and plumbing supply places locally. Take your orginal knobs with your to be sure that they match up to the ones you are updating to. I would advise against trying to purchase handles...
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    New Home Construction

    How about a forum about "new home construction - DIY" and "new home construction - Contracted"? Also a forum on "Green Home Building" would be helpful and informative.
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    New Shower

    Most normal tubs will go out a door opening smaller than 30 inches by turning it sideways. Cast iron ones are very strong & heavy, that is why they are good place to go in event of a tornado. Personaly, I would think twice before I removed one if I lived in Tornado alley without a storm...
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    Door to Toilet Area

    Many homes with that style toilet area use split swinging doors. These are easy to put up. Just measure, level, and screw. You will want to use a drill driver if you are doing the job yourself. Tough enough holding the door and screwing at the same time while using a drill driver let alone...
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    Kerosene Heaters

    Carbon Monoxide is the greatest danger. Be careful.
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    FYI: Switched from R-22 to HF-22a

    I found out that there is an environment friendly replacement for R-22. It is HF-22A. A side benefit is that it compresses and expands easier and less is needed by weight and still be effective. Since it is easier on the compressor, the electric demands are lower and gets colder faster. My...
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    Hot Tub for deck

    They even make ones that are transportable. Look around. Most are self enclosed but require wiring for 240 Volts. You can get the ones that run on 110 volts but be prepared for a wopper of a utility bill. It is cheaper to keep the spa hot all the time than to let it get cold and try and heat...
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    Have to get permit to build treehouse?

    you all would be suprised by some of the totalitarian rules dictated by some homeowner associations in the name of maintaining property values. I've been in some rules that dictate color scheme of your facia boards and shutters, materials your mailbox can be made of, times when your garage door...
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    What fish?

    Is this an indoor or outdoor pond? How big is it? Is is a concrete bottom or soil? It is not as simple to turn a fountain into a pond by just adding fish. You cannot just add clorine to clear up the water. Fish need a very balanced environment and can get killed quite easy with roach and...
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    Less Expensive Winter Heating

    check out many of the solar and green builder sites. Home Power Magazine (homepower.com) is a good place to start. The altenergystore.com is another good place to shop. There is a passive solar air heater that attaches to a south facing wall and heats cold air from the floor. There are...
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    How do you refinish hardwood floors

    IM me for information on how to refinish wood floors. I've done 25+ of them over the years. I typed in a very long one and the system just barfed on it and tossed it out. A lot depends on the type of traffic you expect.
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    Knocking down a wall

    The only way for you to tell yourself is to take off the wall covering. This will expose the framing. If the frame looks to be nothing but single 2X4 or 2X6 construction, then it is not a load bearing wall. If there are at least 2 2X4 or 2X6's then it is may be a load bearing wall. If there...
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    Need to set up storage in garage

    I you have a Sam's club near by they have many of the components for the modular cabinets in stock for a lot less that Lowe's, Home Depot, or Sear's.