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    Water leaking from front of window a/c.

    Yes, if the tilt is right, prolly just needs cleaning... a certain level of water inside helps it cool more efficiently... the hot side of the compressor tubing usually runs through the condensate water and the water cools it very quickly and, also, the heat causes the water to evaporate...
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    How to cover openings on sump pump lid?

    Are you pumping soapy washing machine water into a storm sewer ???
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    What is the return on my investment if I spend the money to replace my current system

    Natural gas usually about $50 - 150/month in insulated home in winter... Electric $500-1,000/month... (unless your electric company is using mainly hydroelectric (water falls) generating equipment, which is much cheaper)
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    A/C (5 yrs. old) now only producing fan air, no cool air

    First you need to see where the problem is... may only be a bad switch isn't turning the compressor on... However, these things are made to last about 20 years assuming running occasionally for 3 months of the year... You running it continuously for 5 years may have worn it out... We had same...
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    Furnace Air Flow Direction HELP PLEASE

    Yes, filter is installed in the cold air return to prevent dirty air getting into the furnace... so arrows should point toward the furnace... The filter is usually reinforced on furnace side to prevent the filtering element being pulled through... A filter not changed often enough can also...
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    is Electronic Air Cleaner really useless?

    Wouldn't use the electronic filters unless having breathing problems... too clean air can weaken your immune system by not allowing exposure to normal air pathogens...
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    Connecting natural gas lines

    The line should have been capped after the "valve" as well. So nobody (kids) could turn it on and release gas...
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    Valve Problem

    Solved the furnace gas valve problem by replacing the main valve solenoid assembly with one from another identical used gas valve found on eBay for $36... saving the $300 of a new valve and the hours of work to replace it...
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    Valve Problem

    2 stage gas valve Honeywell VR8440P... Power from the control board stays on to both the pilot solenoid and the main burner solenoid, but after about 15 minutes the main burner solenoid seems to 'over heat' and goes open circuit... resistance goes to infinity across the main burner terminals...
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    Valve Problem

    Pilot lights about two seconds before the main valve opens and main burners come on...
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    Valve Problem

    Thanks, but there's no thermocouple, just a wire to open the pilot valve and a wire to open the main valve... and both have power to them... but the circuit opens up inside the main valve...
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    Valve Problem

    I'm having a problem with the gas valve a generation earlier than the smart valve with no circuit board on top, but maybe a smaller one inside... works for 10 minutes or so then seems to need an hour to 'cool down' before working another 10 minutes... I'm thinking there is a bad connection in...
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    20 yr old gas furnace shuts off burners after ignition very intermittant

    Similar problem as OP... main burner works for 5 minutes and then shuts off... 24V power is still on to main burner (so it's not a flame sensor problem)... seems to go open circuit internally to main solenoid... 24V pilot is lit... (both use same neutral/common wire) seems like main solenoid is...