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    Awesome Fridges

    hey mustanggarage ...i realy like your setup....been wanting to put microwave in my garage also....looks great..
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    Stereo Systems

    holey bet, you cant here yourself think... mother of!
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    My rebuilt garage...

    hey awsome pic's...realy like your boat....
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    My rebuilt garage...

    LMAO....!!! Thats what i thought....just i know what you mean Dewalt and Makitta all the way...very good products...
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    My rebuilt garage...

    hey i like it ...looks great, you said you put your junk out of view in the upper storage....if that Dewalt chop saw is junk..i'll take it off your
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    Almost done

    cool ....looks like a nice size your sticker ...big mopar fan myself
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    My colorful garage

    very nice toys and garage...Love the Hemi..!!
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    Carwash now that is a exspensive car wash....wash the inside of the car
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    Cooking in the Garage

    same here i use coleman grill, i'll be putting a microwave soon for those fightnights with the boys, it's fast for a feast of Nachos...:0)
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    bad smell :( :(

    yah that would work...if you have a ceiling fan you can do what i do i hang those car fresheners on the chain of the fan which hangs below it and the fan is always turning on low get the nice sent all over the smells like a new car in your garage...:D
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    Cleaning the Garage....

    thanks frozen
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    Power to work bench

    myself i have only 2 outlets where bench counter is but i mostly use my steel table with caster wheels, and move it around to where i need it. I have 2 outlets on the table that are hooked up with an extention cord that i can plug in any outlet in the garage and gives me power to the...
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    Stereo Systems

    i have an old stero, i think is about 400w. I've had that since i was now 39, so i think it ..I will be changing it someday now that i have the satelite dish on the tv in the garage, i think i'll be putting in a surround sound, it will be good for when we watch the MMA fights..
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    Awesome Fridges

    same here small fridge, i put a full case of 24 bears and soda's in the door and i have a bottle of whine on the bottom rack also with a bottle of Gibson..mmmmmmmmm:D
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    changing gearbox seal on can-am 800

    just making conversation, give a view of what's going on in my part of the word.....seal is changed, but now i noticed that my u-joints are a bit loose so i'll be changing them as well..