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    Help with hanging a 2000# load from ceiling joist

    Ah i didnt realize they were called MST..thats what i planned on using. For the strong back, for cost savings, would you do this standard design over a 170" 6X6 timber? thanks! i owe you a beer and hows this look so far.
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    Help with hanging a 2000# load from ceiling joist

    Makes just a single 4x6 and mount it one anchor in the middle. On the timing to the rafters, I assume at least two? One would be at an angle back to the roof incline and the other straight up since that side opens up to the rest of the house ? On the 6x6 strongback is there a proper...
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    Help with hanging a 2000# load from ceiling joist

    Snoonyb: correct! i had planned to replace with wood anchors or a allthread with backing nuts. regarding your design idea, can you clarify a couple points please? (or is the picture below what you had in mind?) 1.) I understand what blocking is, but what is the "4X" mean. is this 4 blocks side...
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    Help with hanging a 2000# load from ceiling joist

    Hey guys, i have an aerial yoga system im installing for my daughter in our workout room. It is a 2 point hook system that is approximately 60 inches apart. The instructions call for a 2000-2500# safety load rating. thats about a 16X safety rating. Which would be 1000lb rating per connection...
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    replacing a window pane in an overhung sliding window! need help

    So the top pane is fixed and bottom slides up. the top is the one that broke and i went outside, knifed around the plastic trim and puddy and was able to just pull out the doublepane glass. The glass was encased in a thin metal frame which fits right in the large overhung frame. You butt...
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    Trying to replace Fixed top Pane of Overhung people think im crazy

    Hey guys! My local window store thinks I have no idea what am I talking about..and maybe i dont...but see if you can help me. I have a Double-Pane, overhung window, where the top window pane is fixed and the bottom slides up. The Top fixed pane is the one that is broken. So I went...