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    Rewiring House DIY Info

    Hey pal, Not here to be rude, but when you finish typing what is a sentence, please put a period. ''.'' Ys, one of those. Makes it a ton easier for the folks your asking to reply to rad and understand your post. Tks
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    Kitchen sink replacement nightmare

    Go to your big box lumber stores. Explain your situation and ask for the name of counter installers they sub out to.
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    Replace Single 20A Outlet with Duplex?

    If it’s within your comfort zone, I’d look into tapping into those outlets and doing some race track wiring and adding additional outlets in your space
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    Oscillating Tool Recommendation

    I would really look for something with at least 3 Amp rating on the motor. I initially bought a Rockwell, which is 2 amp. and it did OK but when I used a friends Bosch three Amp, I found it to be very superior and I bought one like his. I just did a check on Amazon and I see Bosch is now...
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    Bathroom Fan not working

    Probably just another person with a problem who expects others to take time to help them and doesn’t have the courtesy to come back to post their results.
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    Looking for a pourable insulation

    The way my house is constructed, I can pour insulation from the attic down into the walls of the second floor. There's a 3'' slot between each joist that I can do this. I did this way back when to one bedroom and now what to do the others. But I cant seem to find the pourable insulation. Back...