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    Reshingling suggestion request

    I certainly would get one or two of these. They seem like they really help against sliding off some roof...
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    Weird draining problem - Biting the bullet!

    Will help also to work your rusted piece back and forth as you try to get it out.
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    Weird draining problem - Biting the bullet!

    Slow and steady gets the job done
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    Hardwood stair squeezing sound

    If the spray doesn’t work and you want to try fasteners, look for trim screws. Great holding strength and a small head to cover with filler.
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    Weird draining problem - Biting the bullet!

    My guess on the part going into the cast iron is that you’ll have to cut it. Probably by taking a hacksaw blade or if you can get a long metal blade for a Sabre saw. At two or three places on this piece, make saw cuts from the inside of the piece. Cut it just to you reach the threads of the...
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    One Word Game: volume 3

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    Skylight trim?

    I’d try white pvc 3/4” thick material. A little pricey but you’ll never be up there painting it.
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    How to save money at Lowe’s

    Use my veterans id
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    Help of small wiring project.

    I could do that but it makes a easy way to eliminate the power to the fans when the greenhouse is not being used. Simpler than finding the correct breaker in the panel. Trying to find out if my assumed connections are correct.
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    Help of small wiring project.

    My friend has a greenhouse that I had put a 24” ventilation fan in. A single pole switch between the fan and breaker box, 20 amp breaker. So he bought this thermostat to automatically turn the fan for cooling when temps in 100 degrees. So in the single pole switch 2x4 box, I’m planning to run...
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    pouring concrete floor in crawl space

    Or even sheets of OSB now that the price has dropped
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    Need advice on building steps to gazebo

    I would put a single step, with a 7 inch rise to match half of the 14 inch side. Keep the step level and the step height on the 12 inch side will just be 2 inches shorter. As to the depth or run of the treads I would have two two by sixes to give you a 11 inch tread. I would I have the tread...
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    My deck has moved!

    I would be at least attaching this to the house in some manner. What I would do and have done in the past is drill through the joist of the deck next to the house and go through the rim joist Of the house. Get some three-quarter inch all thread and bought this deck to the house at about every 6...
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    Garage door opener LED bulbs

    This is what I did on both my openers. I bought a 30 Dollar LED light and mounted it to the ceiling behind the opener. I put one of those adapter plugs into the socket of the opener and plug the strip light into the adapter. A ton more light and no vibration to kill any bulbs
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    Should We Be Concerned? Discovered Large Tree Root Against House

    I would most definitely cut it out. That small of a root will not effect the health of the tree.