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    Split on/switched outdoor GFCI receptacle, for low-voltage lighting

    I had the electricians install GFCI receptacles under our deck. They installed one GFCI receptacle that was switched (the entire receptacle is switched) in a single-gang box. They then ran outdoor romex over to a second double-gang box with two GFCIs in it. One receptacle is switched. They...
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    Moving a receptacle in an unfinished room with exposed everything

    I like the conduit idea, as It helps to protect the wires.
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    Outdoor power outlet

    I'm with you, there. Rented a house with multiple switches where I never did figure out what they did. I gutted a room in my raised ranch and redid a lot of the wiring (which I had inspected by the town). I paid for some of the wiring to get done, as I just couldn't do it all. The...
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    Outdoor power outlet

    It's definitely a mixed bag. I like the GFCI on the outside, as then you know there's a GFCI in the circuit. And you know when they trip. They do sell testers, but then you have to test...and find what tripped. For instance, my wife's parents had a house. The box on the deck had a non-GFCI...
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    Thanks for those comments. When I had the oil serviced, the technician estimated an efficiency of 83% I think. The propane would be 95 percent efficient, so it's going to be fairly more efficient, but not hugely so for the price it takes to get there. And, my wife's brother is a plumber who...
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    Decided to go with Geothermal instead of MiniSplits

    That is good that you got all of that. My situation is a bit different. Dandelion's price was $37,000+ after all incentives. Hyper heat (two heat pumps, one with an air handler in the attic and one in basement, using existing ducting) was $32,000. But the Mitsubishi heat pumps run the air...
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    Decided to go with Geothermal instead of MiniSplits

    Interesting. In CT, I went with replacement of both AC units (one upstairs, one downstairs) with Mitsubishi heat pumps. These are so-called "hyper heat", which maintain high output down to zero. I will have to use our existing oil furnace for heat on really cold days. The geothermal was...
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    Ceiling Fan Installation Wiring Question

    How many switches currently run to the fan? If there's only one, where does the fan part get its power from? Does the power run to the switch then to the fan? Or into the fan, connect to the fan part, then run from the fan to the switch and back up (and connect to the light)? I suspect...
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    Why does LED flicker and buzz?

    Grounded how? From a switch to a pipe? I thought connecting a ground to a water pipe was no longer code? I know in my house, there's a ground for something (haven't figured out what yet) connected to a copper pipe. The problem is that between that pipe and the (actual) "ground", there are...
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    Thanks. We already got three estimates. One for geothermal (more expensive, requires whole-house generator, since we lose power a lot where I live, another 20k for that). Another for geothermal (even more expensive) and heat pumps (more expensive than what we're paying with this contractor)...
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    Oh yeah, we have propane for cooking and a fireplace. We'd need a bigger tank, though. And I've tried to compare a 50-70% efficient oil furnace with a 95% efficient propane furnace, but this is an exercise in futility. We've paid anywhere between $1.32/gallon to $3.70/gallon for oil and...
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    We have an oil furnace for heat and hot water and two AC units for cooling. We are about to have the two AC units replaced with Mitsubishi "hyper heat" heat pumps, which will do heating down to near zero and cooling. (We have solar panels to offset some of the higher cost of the electricity.)...
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    What are my options if I want to remove these pavers?

    Those things actually prevent water from going somewhere? Is it because of the mound of dirt around them?
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    What did you do today?

    I've been on a ketogenic diet for 7+ years. That A1c you got qualifies you as being diabetic. I'm surprised you did not get insulin. If you just think that everything you think you know about diet and health is wrong, you'd be correct. "Bad" "cholesterol" isn't bad for you and it's not...
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    Solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, to run gable fan & shop LEDs

    That is a complex question. Or set of questions. Do you want light at night? How would the fan work in terms of night/when it's cold? To me, this seems like hours of research. Or expense. For instance, here's a 600W solar panel kit from Costco...