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    Can a Ni-Cd charger charges Lithium battery

    Hi Jeff, I fully agreed. These days, doing some research, new one with Li battery prices are slowly dropping, especially close to Xmas. Will definitely get a new one.
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    Can a Ni-Cd charger charges Lithium battery

    Hello, I just dug out an old cordless drill come with Ni-Cd battery which is already dead. I want to re-build the battery, replace Ni-Cd inside with Lithium close to 14.4 volt, and keep its original charge protection circuit. My question is: after that, can I use the same Ni-Cd charger to...
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    Faucet for RO water filter system have strange sound.

    I have a RO water filter system. I used to have a faucet with no Air Gap Hole just connect it to the Blue 3/8" Product Water Tubing; and the "Special red "SFC" tube from RO" directly connected to the "Black 3/8" Reject tubing to drain". Recently the faucet broke. I bought a new faucet which...
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    Door Glass Insert installation

    Meanwhile, do all houses main entrance door's glass inserts are bearing the same thickness of 1" ?
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    Door Glass Insert installation

    Yes, sounds not that difficult. Will follow. Thank you.
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    a Canadian.

    a Canadian.
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    Door Glass Insert installation

    Hello, I want to replace my door glass insert with a new one. I wonder: (1) can one man do the job? (2) do I have to put caulking on the glass insert's frame (inside) before put it on to the door? Hope some experts can help me on these. Thank you.