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  1. Daryl in Nanoose

    Mdf wood

    Don't worry about it, it was a one time deal not continuously over time.
  2. Daryl in Nanoose

    Tile is falling apart

    As a over 30year remodeler and having done countless redo's involving Tiles I would not hesitate for a second to remove and redo, don't patch a major problem.
  3. Daryl in Nanoose

    Adding Porch Enclosure

    Your going to love that porch when you get it done, sure miss mine :). There are many plastic product's out there you can use. It really depends on where you are and what weather elements you have to endure before picking the best product. You are on the right track though. I built a square...
  4. Daryl in Nanoose

    Stupid DIYer...(ripping up old flooring)

    If you want to know then take a section of it in and have it tested but call them first, there is a protocal on how to package it up before taking to the office. Here in BC Canada they are very strick rules for handling anything with asbestos in it or even if there's a possibility. At a minimum...
  5. Daryl in Nanoose

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    Thanks zannej, those 2 Bathrooms were a ton of work but it sure came out nice even if I do say myself lol
  6. Daryl in Nanoose

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    Thanks oldognewtrick, I will certainly try for sure :)
  7. Daryl in Nanoose

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    Thanks nealtw, I have been poking around but haven't posted I know, ton's of stuff going on over the last years hoping to be by more often.
  8. Daryl in Nanoose

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    Completed a few years ago
  9. Daryl in Nanoose

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    Recently finished last fall.
  10. Daryl in Nanoose

    Any way to fix the gap between these cabinets after countertops are on?

    I have been reading over this entire thread and the best idea yet is the iron on, your gonna have a hard time making a filler strip than skinny. The iron on is fast and easy to do.
  11. Daryl in Nanoose

    workbench top surface and attaching used drawers...

    Isn't this always the way :confused:
  12. Daryl in Nanoose

    Anti-mildew paint or regular paint for kitchen?

    I have never worried about it in Kitchens just make sure its at least eggshell for easier cleanup. Bathrooms however really should be mildew resistant. I have been in sooooooo many baths with water run lines all over the walls because lack of putting the fan on, at least this way your covered
  13. Daryl in Nanoose

    How long does paint take to set?

    The longer you leave it the less chance for failure