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    I live in Florida.

    I was looking at that online and it seems to be my best option. Thanks for the help guys!
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    Deck Furniture

    On my deck I have 2 plastic chairs and a plastic table. Both have held up for about a year now. I have a rocking chair as well made out of real wood. B-B-Q grill of course.
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    I did not know this existed...

    I dont have a metallic deck but my buddy does. I will have to give him a call and see. He isn't rich by no means so im sure it is well worth it. He cleans it maybe every two months. It looks brand new and he has had it for a couple months now. Good deck.
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    What is the best way to keep that wood look natural?

    I dont want to use a stain or any type of coating. I want it to be that bright natural wood. I dont want it to get moldy so does anyone know of some type of chemical to keep this from happening?
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    Ipe Hardness? and Fasteners...

    +1 to using high quality tools. Make sure you dont use old tools that are rusty. You want it to be clean and strong. Pre-drilling them holes can be a pain, but in the end.... One nice deck.
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    Which Deck Has The Least Amount of Maitenance?

    I want a deck that dont have to been cleaned every two weeks. I want to do it maybe 4 weeks to a month. Not sure which deck is best. Help me out here fellas. Thanks!
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    I live in Florida.

    I live in Florida and I was wondering on which type of deck would be the best. I want to go with the wood but im not sure. We have hurricanes almost every year, and when we dont it is 100 degress out. Need some help. Thanks in advance.
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    Im going to agree. Get this checked out soon as possible. You never know where they could be. For example, in your house.
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    How Big Is Your Deck?

    I have a 16X16 deck. Stained to make it shiny and last forever. What do you have?
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    Thinking about a new Deck

    What I would do is set up a meeting. Get him to come out to your house and do a estimate. This will give you some time to get to know the man on a personal basis and see what he knows and what he dont. If he dresses nice and presents himself well, then he could be a good pick. You want to make...
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    Can I get some hints?

    I dont do much when I maitnance my deck. I think it is because I dont know exactly what is the best thing TO do. If anyone can give me some helpful hints that would be wonderful. Thanks!
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    When Is Deck Maintenance Necessary?

    I have been maintaining my deck about every 6 months. I have yet to see splinters or even loose nails. I don't use the pressure washer because it has to much power. I use a normal hose and it gives it a nice shiny look.