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    Help with Painting faded Front Door

    I've woodgrained or painted many fiberglass doors. Because the stain used when graining is top coated with a clear latex urethane, there is virtually no UV protection so South and West facing doors degrade quickly. You can try to strip the stain off the door and do it again, but you'll see the...
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    Antique Door Handle Fell Off

    I see a phillips head screw in the first picture. What happens if you remove that?
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    Painting old redwood

    I've never found a non-oil based primer that was effective on preventing bleed through on redwood. In your place I'd go to a real paint store, not a big box store, and ask there.
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    Older Furnace Not Kicking In During Warmer But Still Cold Weather

    Had what I believe is the same issue some years ago. Inducer would run, igniter would operate, but burner would not fire up. Bad gas valve.
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    painting baseboards

    I had the same issue with the same color stain thirty years ago with my house built in 1956. It involved all the windows, trim, and doors. First I thoroughly sanded everything to break the glaze on the varnish, then rubbed down small areas at a time with Wil-Bond followed immediately an...
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    Whole house humidifier fear of the unknown

    OP, Don't trust the humidistat on the furnace to be accurate. Get a freestanding hygrometer and place it in your living space, then adjust the humidistat on the furnace accordingly. BTDT.
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    What’s Up With Paint and Primer in One?

    They do provide better adhesion than other paint over essentially sound surfaces, but they are no substitute for a dedicated primer over problem surfaces or repaired areas.
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    Need pro advice here! Bubbles! Why!

    Had a similar problem with a dishwasher. Wife tried a new detergent and apparently it was a bad batch and didn't have the suds suppressant. Suds all over. Have you tried a diffrerent soap?
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    Re-paint Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

    Up to you. You might want to sand where it peeled to feather the edges out a bit.
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    Cleaning and Painting Aluminum Siding

    Over the years I did a few with chalked siding. After a thorough powerwashing to clean all the nooks and crannies, check again for chalking. If the chalking is still present, you will need you will need to rewash using a bristle brush and detergent to mechanically remove the chalking. Don't...
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    Re-paint Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

    After vigorously cleaning and a light sanding where needed, I've had excellent results using Rustoleum Gloss. In my case, spray was not appropriate so a brush was used. From the pic it appears that you could use spray.
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    Selective weed killer and crab grass

    OP, I've had good luck using Ortho WeedBGone in a pump up sprayer with a fan spray tip on those same weeds you mention. Doesn't kill crabgrass, though. The fan spray tip helps to control the spray and keep it off pachysandra, forsythia, and anything else you don't wish to spray.
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    Window Frame Damage from Frost

    I did several windows like that over the years. Used oxalic acid to minimize the water stain, then restain and clearcoat the affected area. Never perfect but significantly improved.
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    Cleaning the roof

    I've also had good results with that product. Home Depot has it.
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    Furnace not kicking in

    Bad gas valve? Had that on mine. Tstat called for heat, induction fan ran, igniter clicked away, gas valve didn't open. Gas valve replacement was the fix.