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    Hot water pressure washer

    I need to get my hot water pressure working. It has the same kind of oil firing gun as an oil boiler. How to go through it and figure out why it's not working. Could be mouse fur and pooh I found in the burner. Looks like it has a transformer for spark, fan and pump. The burner is on the...
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    Repairing ductboard using in HVAC return duct

    I have a 2'x'2' return duct about 4' long and there is a 12" round flexduct attached to the duct in a horizontal manner. At the attachment point I can see the fiberglass as some of the outer aluminum foil has pulled away from the ductboard. Obviously a new duct would be best but how can I...
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    Equalizing temp in rooms

    The unit is serviced 2x a year. Unit is in crawlspace that I can get to. The MBR is front to back on the east side of the house. So the back windows of the MBR are towards the south, But several large trees in the back also. I am looking to up my expertise on HVAC. So something like this...
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    Equalizing temp in rooms

    The master bedroom is hotter than surrounding rooms with doors closed. The thermostat is right outside the master bedroom door.
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    Equalizing temp in rooms

    I have doors open except when I sleep. From a fire perspective you should have doors to bedrooms closed when sleeping. I know my master bedroom does have a return.
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    Equalizing temp in rooms

    I am an old guy but new to HVAC as I was use to baseboard heat. My new to me home with a heat pump has temperature differences between rooms with the doors closed. Is the best way to get several accurate thermometers and then make sure all the dampers are open and start to adjust dampers? Is...
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    Garage Door

    The garage door in my 1 1/2 car garage door touches the floor in the center but not in the outside edges. How best to fix the issue? Garage door threshold?
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    encapsulating a crawl space

    We recently purchased a home not far from the Delaware shore area. Like most houses around there it has a crawl space. I am use to basements in the northeast. Looks like the original builder put down plastic sheeting but did not bother sealing it. There is a large dehumidifier that keeps it...
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    Whirlpool dishwasher issue

    I have a high end Whirlpool dishwasher that part way through must change cycles and then several times the pump tries to start, runs for 15 seconds. Then stops and waits for a minute. After awhile it gets past this and completes the entire wash. This does not sound right. But it's possibly...
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    Five year old GE front loader washer on pedistal

    The GE repairman came to take a look. He concluded there was nothing worn. He suggested to run larger loads. Said it works better when the loads are larger. Said new models have a adoptive mechanism to better handle unbalance loads during spin. Anyone else have less issues with front loader...
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    Generator Problem

    Its difficult to power anything that uses electricity for producing heat with a generator. Such as a dryer or hot water heater or oven. I have run a single burner on the stove. The well pump will require at least a 5000 watt generator, maybe 8000 watt. It depends upon the HP and whether...
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    1.5" drill bit for Stainless Steel?

    I drilled a hole in a SS sink using a round hole saw (Rigid). It took awhile. Use cutting oil. Go slow. Prepare for it to catch when you finally go through. I needed a hole for a hot water tap.
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    Five year old GE front loader washer on pedistal

    Its a front loader not a top loader.
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    Generator Problem

    I hope an electrician did not install the box on the outside of your house to connect the generator to. That box is fine by itself, but it needs to go to a transfer switch or some kind of interlock. Others are correct, you should not backfeed. A 6 pos transfer switch is not that much money...
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    Five year old GE front loader washer on pedistal

    I have got my GE front loader washer level. It still makes noises like it not level at all during high speed spin. I know putting washer on a pedistal is not helpful. Are there wear parts inside that could be causing this?