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    Premixed Thinset/grout

    Thanks :o I think I am going to go with the kind that you have to mix yourself.. It may be a few days now though because Im having issues with trying to get the bathtub in. :mad: It starting to get REALLLLY frusterating! Thanks again though :O Hopefully it'll be done sometime in the near future!
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    Premixed Thinset/grout

    Hey :o Im new to the forum.. We are in the process of fixing up our guest bath in out 1940's home. We just took up all othe old tile and are now replacing it with new tile. I read on another post that the premixed thinset and grout are "junk", but the thread was closed and I couldnt ask them...
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    Above counter sinks

    Hey, Im not sure if youre still trying to decide on whether to use an above counter sink or not, but I just went through the same thing.. I bought one just a few weeks ago.. One of the things that is a con, is that you are limited to certain faucets because of how high they need to be and the...