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    Best tool to cut (a lot of) chainlink fence

    Easy enough to repair. Still if you are ditching it just roll up and sell it as noted. If you don’t want to do that. Justput it by the road with a sign sayin FREE. It will jump right into somebody’s pick up truck within two days guaranteed.....
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    Can I caulk exterior wood/metal doors

    You found out exactly what I learn five years ago about those wonderful heavily promoted clad wooden doors and windows. I wouldn’t give you a nickel for them anymore as all they do is create a convenient pocket for the rain water to seep in and do it’s evil. Are you Gotta do is think about...
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    Oscillating Tool Recommendation

    hF tool works fine . I’ve had one for years cost me $25+- The switch got a bit dodgy like many HF power tools but it’s no problem. How often do you use one of these anyways to justify the big dollar?? For the occasional use most of us see it’s fine, plenty of power. Just...
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    How To Repair Aluminum Clad On Exterior Doors?

    We have some 25 YO rather expensive to replace French doors to get a lot of weather. One is just starting to pull away which I can glue and clamp in position but the other one has rot all along the bottom. Can I simply peel that bad piece off and replace it with painted flashing after doing...
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    Stuck Power Drill Chuck

    You are going the right direction on that screw right? It’s reverse thread. Try dripping some ATF on it for a few day . Try trihgtrning a couple times sometimes sets em free. Use a GOOD DRIVER TIP and put some valve grinding compound on it to keep it from cramming outHopefully.
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    Whirlpool ice maker

    Go to 411Appliance Repair Forums. Dano has been giving me advice there since 1999. They sell parts too. I can’t recommend then enough Ours is a 2003 Whirlpool side by side and they are famous for dead ice skiers. The little module burns out on the timer inside. I’ve...
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    Redoing Cabinets ??

    Got it, thanks. Scuffing sounds good to me.
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    Redoing Cabinets ??

    I’m freshening up my 25 yo maple cabinets using Watch Danish oil. As per the directions I went slightly darker and have sanded the doors then wiped a couple coats. Those are fine. Now I’m wondering what to do with the cabinet faces. Sand or try stripper. Or can I simply scuff...
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    Speaker wire and LED light advice

    It’s not audio but video I just did but one big word of advice BEWARE EBay Amazon stores and sellers when it comes to wire. Make sure they have at least a few hundred of what you want and not just a couple 10-15 happy campers. Wire used to be wire and almost all of it was ok, not...
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    Splits/Crack on 6x6 PT support posts - cause of concern ? Amazingly the US Navy’s go to before all steel structures was good old fashioned ANTIFREEZE Ethelyine Glycol. Yup the old style green stuff is as cheap as it come and works best:rolleyes...
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    Splits/Crack on 6x6 PT support posts - cause of concern ?

    Nope but they are cheap easy and will lock it in place from splitting any wider. I’d wrap that pillar in vinyl after and call it a day. I just cleaned up some rather fugly gappy facia on my barn using wide vinyl leftovers in 12’ lengths. Disgustingly easy to work with that stuff...
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    Repair Peeling Paint

    Sand those distinct looking edges until they are fizzy and start to look irregular. That’s called feathering. If you can see a distinct sharp looking edge it. I’ll show through new paint.
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    Air Compressor repair

    One of those little Sams Club / Wallymart $100 specials will easily knock Down the heat and humidity in a garage. I don’t know where they get those btu requirements but unless in the Deep South the small units work quite well for us here in Northern NY. We use a 12000 btu to cool the...
  14. driz

    Air Compressor repair

    For your next adventure don’t ever forget that a lot of those parts are generic. When my Campbell housefields switch went titttys up I got a pressure sensor for a regular house well for around $25 that fits and works perfectly. I never would’ve guessed myself but somebody else had done it...
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    Acetone and Automatic Tranny Fluid Really Does Eat Rust

    ive used it for tears with great success on cars but never waited to see if it actually dissolved rust. It always worked breaking nuts loose in short order. The really nasty roads salted ones on his suspension arms and such I like to start spraying a week early . This time I had a toilet...