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    Racoon (or something) digging up garden

    olddognewtrick ... I love the mothball idea, that does have the ring of truth to my ears.
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    Racoon (or something) digging up garden

    flyover ... I wish I had some ultrasonic devices to recommend for sure. The ones I've seen advertised seem like the right idea, but seem a bit low on output power, most use batteries, and don't look robust enough to handle the weather. I'd like to see an "industrial strength" ultrasonic device...
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    Racoon (or something) digging up garden

    Repelling the raccoons is another possibility. There are ultrasonic devices available that will make raccoons turn tail and run. Best to get ones that are motion-detector activated, weatherproof, and put out a strong sound. Keep in mind these will also repel your dogs and cats .. also deer and...
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    HVAC installer never connected the condensate pump's safety/overflow switch to the AC unit.

    GFW ... whether or not to use the overflow protection device in the pump ... depends on where the pump is. My experience is to not use the device (leave the wires disconnected) if the pump is in a place where some water getting onto the floor, won't cause any damage (a basement near a floor...
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    Help- stumped! Control board, limit switch, or something else??

    I agree, definitely install a carbon monoxide detector in the basement near the furnace. And ... since the temp rise is right, a cracked heat exchanger is unlikely ... although always possible. But ... a cracked heat exchanger would not explain the negative pressure in the basement. That's...
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    AC condensation drain blocked, water overflowing

    It is a terrible design. Terrible enough that if it were my house, I'd move the ac air handler out of the attic, down into some sort of alcove in the living space. Still better, install a new, clean air handler, with a MERV 8 or better "media" filter setup. What you're experiencing is the...
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    House Neutral

    Quatrix, I'm not a licensed electrician, but I feel that the above answers are a pretty clear ... "no".
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    Noise thru heat vents

    In that mild Berkeley climate, you might consider just installing mini-split ductless units in each living area. Remove all of the central heat / air equipment, and whatever ductwork can be reached. Especially if you're in that house for the long haul. These days, the mini-splits are pretty...
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    It's cold upstairs

    If your upstairs bedroom is only 1 degree different from the 1st floor, your system is balanced pretty well.
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    New thermostat for gas furnace.

    everything pjones said, hire someone to install the new thermostat, I can tell from your post, that you're not skilled enough to do it. Get help.
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    Amana RCE36C2C condensor fan runs slowly with AC off

    I have to admit, it's a mystery to me. What you've described is a situation I've not seen before.
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    Help- stumped! Control board, limit switch, or something else??

    The furnace working ok for several days after you opened the basement window 3" is good information. But .. sounds like there is still negative pressure in the basement, even with that window open 3". 2 possibilities come to my mind .. 1. the return duct in the basement, is somehow pulling a...
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    Help- stumped! Control board, limit switch, or something else??

    A medium-efficiency (around 80%) furnace also has an inducer motor/blower (combustion air fan), although those furnaces are not condensing furnaces. Normally, the flue exhaust gases will be warmer than a condensing furnace ... about 220 degrees F. This is enough to trip the temperature sensors...
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    Help- stumped! Control board, limit switch, or something else??

    I would replace the limit switches first. They're not expensive. I think Carrier boards are not cheap, even wholesale. Could be an online source of a compatible board, not sure though. If the switches don't solve the problem, my guess is that the board has just gone a little crazy, or has been...
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    Amana RCE36C2C condensor fan runs slowly with AC off

    yes, in my work there were many times that the hipot (for high potential, which means voltage) meter would pick up a winding short to ground, that the Fluke multimeter could not. I think the winding shorts like that, are mainly due to weaknesses in the insulation on the windings. The weaknesses...