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    Need Ideas To Stiffen Up A Treadmill Deck

    can you glue and screw 2 or 3 pieces of angle iron to the underside ?
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    Roundover edge on plywood?

    dont waste your money on the cheap plywood because, in time the plies will begin to separate. the cheap stuffs glues are not resistant to moisture. If you look at your example #1, you will see that it is made from 9 plys glued together. it is probably A / B or C cabinet grade plywood
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    Whole house/stand by generators

    google "generac generators " for info from experts, not from h. depot Generac gives their web address there
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    Cleaning up after grinding concrete

    see my reply under tool maint, in the general repair section
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    Tool maintenance

    as far as the concrete dust, I haven't tried it, but, if the occasion should arise, I believe I would wet the concrete down before grinding and keeping it wet. In my shop/garage I try to collect the sawdust as I create it with a shop vacuum , also I removed the baffle from under the table saw...
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    Removing Dryer Lint

    how about a chimney cleaning brush, check out
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    NorCal Drought Plants and Bamboo Options?

    make sure you use a clumping bamboo, or make plans to sell your house
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    Sprayer dial reading . . .

    the numbers on the dial represent the amount (in ounces ) of chemical that will be sprayed with each gallon of water
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    What is going on with my Ligustrum?

    let us know what you found out
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    Did I ruin my 4 year old roof?

    take everyones advice, stay off the roof and let nature do its thing. there's nothing that you did to damage your roof, but, if you go up there, you could damage it, never mind the damage you could do to yourself if you slip
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    What is going on with my Ligustrum?

    take some samples to your county extension office and check in with the master gardener on duty (904) 209-0430 3125 Agricultural Center Drive St. Augustine, FL 32092
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    Outlets in Kitchen not Working

    wow, a wife that does electrical work,,,,you got a winner !!!!:woo hoo:
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    Stump Removal

    or, if it keeps growing , call it a tree house in the making:)
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    bathroom wall handle

    If I were not able to use fasteners , then I would resort to a glue. I would first find the location that is best for the suction cup support, then, mark the area, clean off all soap or/and mineral deposits from the wall and the suction cup, then scuff up the area with sand paper to remove the...
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    Small scratch in oak flooring

    get a close match with your kids crayons, rub it over the scratch and polish it out. Then hide the crayon from your kid