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  • That's a good point, and I've done that countless times because either there is another vehicle in the driveway, or the vehicle is just too long.

    In my area that is not enforced, but they do heavily enforce any violations on the city street, like parking near fire hydrants or in cul-de-sacs. I try "not" to do that whenever possible but it is sometimes unmanageable.
    Hi Gary. I read your post regarding window installation into t1-11. I have a similiar situation with t1-11 directly on studs (no sheathing). The rough opening for the window is framed beneith the siding. I plan to just cut an opening in the siding to match the RO and mount the new-construction window from the outside. Shim, nail in place, then use tape and caulk around the seams (which will be hidden under trim boards). Does this sound ok? Is there anything else I should do, like add additional flashing around the RO before putting the window in? Any advice would be greatly apprecited. Thanks, Jay

    p.s. This is a barn re-work that is far from weather-proof, but I would still like to get it as dry as possible.
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