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    How to Tee off of propane line from gas pack for generator

    Hi, pipe size for the supply will need to be considered, gas co. will be able to determine that. ALL LIVES MATTER! Geo
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    Wasp nest in electrical panel

    Hi, I would think that would all be evaporated by now, get some rubber gloves and remove the nest, one other thing is that black cable on the right looks like it should have a differ connector, also looks like a nest of some sort in that area. Geo
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    Knob & Tube question

    Hi, also make sure that the neutral is connected to the screw shell of the fixture. Geo
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    Using Old Heating Oil

    How do you plan to transfer it? I would say it definitely should be filtered. Geo
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    3 way switch

    Hi, where are you taking the readings and what are you using for a meter? Geo
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    Street / Main Power restoration indicator

    Hi, are you disconnecting? post a pic, this sounds dangerous. Geo
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    Lennox G40uh Furnace dies sometimes

    Hi, post a pic of that board. Geo
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    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    Type NM B is Romex but it doesn’t show the gauge, to many unknowns. Geo
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    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    it will operate on a 30 Amp circuit, or at least not at full capacity, you really need to get the correct specs before you do anything else. Geo
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    Lighting tube or ballast?

    Hi, switch to the LEDS now , by the time you buy bulbs and if they don’t work you need a ballast you have almost paid for the LEDs. Geo
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    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    Hi, there would be no problem to down size the breaker, what type of cable supplies the dryer outlet? Geo
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    Bind end to floor drain, fold up with water from washer

    Hi, it’s a bit hard to tell what we are looking at here, I assume it is the open end of the pipe, where does it drain? What are you calling a blind end in the concrete? Geo
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    what did i do wrong?

    You are correct. Geo
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    what did i do wrong?

    Hi, makes no difference which black wire goes where on a single pole switch, how many wires were on the GFCI receptacle, make sure you have the line on the line side of the receptacle. Geo
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    Heil system will not turn on after re wire of ac outside

    Hi, why was the unit rewired? and what was done? Geo