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    Are moles and groundhogs the same thing almost? I have a problem with ground hogs and i've been trying to solve it but no luck :/ not even the smoke trap things...
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    hard wood floors

    I would either use some bleach, which you would want to check before hand and make sure that it wont damage your wood, or maybe some pinesol? I would literally scrub the floors like warehouse workers water and a scrub brush and then squeegee the excess water out. cat pee and dog pee is...
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    Paint Goof

    Thats a really good idea woodchuck! I have some nail polish i need to remove!
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    Mold on Drywall above the shower

    We have the same problem, except our walls are way worse :/ And when i try to scrub my walls, the paint just peels off. so very frustrating!!
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    Paint Goof

    Wow, I'm not sure on how to get rid of the paint, maybe some baking soda and vinegar or water or dishsoap to try and soak it up?
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    I use baking soda to clean just about everything.

    That's how i clean out my garbage disposal when it starts to stink...and also my coffee pot and dishwasher!:banana:
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    Stained bathtub

    I've always used the scrubbing bubbles, they work so well! :D
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    HELP hiding gap!

    nice pick of cabinets!
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    Mold: Behind baseboard and Under the carpet

    good luck! mold is a real house killer, in my opinion. my friend had mold under the sink in her bathroom and they pretty much demolished have of her room. i hope you have an easier fix than her
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    grout or mortar?

    Granite is a pricey option but that's also what i would use. It's durable...