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    Foundation Cracks Outside Above Ground

    'patching' is never a 'repair',,, repairs might include conc underpinning, steel stitching bars, & grout filled cells in cmu wall
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    leveling cement nightmare

    chipping gun & brick chisel will make quik work of this task,,, IF the po was true to form, he didn't adequately prep exist floor to receive leveling mtl bosch brute ? mankiller for this work,,, same w/bushing tool as it'll leave lotsa divots imo,,, we often have to do this work
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    Additive for Thoroseal??

    ,,, in order to accomplish what end ? john from allamuchy
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    Hairline cracks on tennis court concrete?

    i'll be damned - never knew that,,, all the ones we built OR played on were either blacktop tennis court mix w/acrylic coatings OR clay where in no PA ?
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    Hairline cracks on tennis court concrete?

    i don't know of any conc courts because there would have to be joints OR the conc will crk on its own,,, the ball landing on a crk/jnt would deflect the intended ball path & both players would get angry :mad: tennis players are the most anal athletes i ever met as everything's got to be perfect...
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    Crack in basement wall

    much of our work is condo servicing so we do this often using hydrophyllic/hydrophobic polyurethanes,,, for a diy'er, i'd recommend emecole [ NO $ interest ] they have a diy kit that'll include bang ports & material,,, you need to 'butter' & flush out the crk w/water 1st,,, drill your portholes...
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    Crumbling on the exterior concrete slab foundation

    IF you do repair the honeycombed area ( probably from lack of vibration/poor consolidation when the conc was placed ), make the repairs ALL the way - in other words, peel back some sod so the patch, when finished, will appear to be solid :D the d/w crk is probably due to improper jointing...
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    Basement Slab Thickness Question

    paved lots of hgwy & airport conc but never understood wire mesh was good other than: 1, adding strength while the ' green ' conc was in tension ( initial set / cure ) & 2, holding the broken pieces together when it cracked :D all the engineer's w/whom i worked thought the same however we got...
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    Wood deck painting

    we recoated our deck 3yrs ago w/polymer-modified ' encore 'stuff,,, the kit comes w/polymer & fine aggregate to which we added 1g of exterior latex paint ( medium grade cost ),,, prep consisted of scrubbing w/1/2 bleach & dawn dishwasher detergent followed by pressure wash,,, other than washing...
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    Please advise water leaking into brick house

    you might be able to alleviate the situation by cutting a reglet into the mortar joint then insert a rubber membrane extending to the top of the sidewalk retaining wall. any rainfall now soaks the soil - water runs downhill hence into your very fine home. didn't bother looking at the video as...
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    foundation leaking.

    imn-s-hfo, the best place for drylock is on the shelf in the apron/vest store,,, thoroseal is a good product used in the right situation,,, nothing works well IF you use anyone's product incorrectly,,, there's nothing you can apply inside to stop an exterior leak - if there were, we pro's would...
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    Black paint removal from brick

    ]sandblast brick ? NEVER - NOT EVEN IF YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW SEZ SO,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Place DIY Basement Slab in Sections?

    what wire mesh ? why create problems & add something dick ( a prof eng ) AND aci [ ] discourages ? you want to place it in strips ? fine but lose the wire :agree:
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    Black paint removal from brick

    ' elephant snot ' OR ' beanee-doo ' by franmar - & stay OUT of the apron/vest stores - all they're got is 6mm plastic, chip brushes, & cheap paint
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    Place DIY Basement Slab in Sections?

    1. yes but they're now called ' construction joints '; 2. in a bsmt, nothing; 3. you can do anything you want 'cause its YOUR bsmt :) but why the need for self-leveling overlay if the work's been done correctly ? self-leveling conc is very tricky stuff to do properly !