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    Decked Area Over Elevated Concrete Slab

    Thanks Bud - totally free standing is an option too and may be easier. I'm just having a hard time determining if the post-on-slab construction generally runs afoul of any building code.
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    Decked Area Over Elevated Concrete Slab

    Many thanks for the response, Sparky – My plan is to deck over that entire space and hang stairs off the open end going down to another deck space below. I agree w/ the ledger under the door and that’s what I plan to do. I anticipate having at least one step down from the door to save space on...
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    Decked Area Over Elevated Concrete Slab

    Hi All, As part of a small deck project I need to construct a decked landing area outside of my back door which will end in stairs that descend to the main deck area. We previously had crumbling concrete block steps that I had taken out when we re-did our driveway recently (see pic attached)...
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