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    Garage entry way

    What can I do with this stair set to help keep down some of the dirt getting in my house! The small mat isn’t doing it.
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    Toilet still running

    The screw doesn’t seem to want to turn
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    Toilet still running

    Replaced the flush valve it seems as though it doesn’t fall down and seal properly then it also seems as though the water is going over top op the valve and running?
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    Caught two mice in my garage with glue traps. They’re small is this indicative of a bigger problem?
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    It’s about 7 feet from the fan
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    This is my bathroom I feel like the fan is causing this or the design of the bathroom. We shower with the door open and leave the fan on for at least 30 minutes after ahoeering. How does this get fixed
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    More tree questions

    What on earth is wrong with my tree? I power washed near it maybe some of the chemical got into the bed? How can I save it
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    Bathroom fan

    So at the grate it can hold paper we shower with the door open there is no fog on the mirror. We leave the fan running for 30 afterwords this is the fan I can stick my finger through the openings and feel that the baffle isn’t stuck closed. But I feel like there is still some moisture on my...
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    It’s random a few drops here and there but for the longest time nothing after the cartridge replacement.
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    I did not the video didn’t say to?
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    Replaced the valve cartridge 6 or so months ago. Heard a few drops of water hit the shower floor last night. Could the cartridge be bad already?m
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    Window sill

    What would be the plan of attack?
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    Window sill

    Could this be sanded and painted?
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    What’s this?

    So I have 2?
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    Hot water heater

    Ha point taken!