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    What did I do wrong?

    Bought the same paint I had to fix three drywall anchor holes but why does it stand out so much like it’s not even the right color when it was the exact paint code?
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    Fixing wall

    These three screw holes are from a baby gate what kind of spackling would I used to fill these and repair?
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    Baseboard repair

    How do I repair the baseboard separating from the wall? It’s happening in a few spots in my home
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    New tub

    New tub installed won’t hold water? It was done on my basement finishing. When I pull the plug up it drains
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    Baseboard Trim

    So how do I repair?
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    Baseboard Trim

    Why is this happening like the trim is coming off the wall?
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    Bathroom fan

    Correct, I couldn’t find the model number sticker anywhere on it. another odd thing is that the vent on the outside of the house is much bigger then any other bathroom fan on my house
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    Bathroom fan

    It does not. The knobs say CFM and Time
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    Bathroom fan

    Afternoon! I was curious as to why my half bath had a vent fan like this? Vs. the common broan one. I has dials under the vent?
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    Powder room fan

    Why is the fan in here different than the rest of the bathrooms?
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    So I never looked up at this foyer window before and we’ll I did today and I noticed all the caulk is gone? Or broken. Do I just need to climb up there and redo it?
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    Trim near shower

    Is there a way to repair this trim part. I think it gets water drops on it from opening the shower door after use
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    Master bathroom

    Well that’s fun. I assume a wi Dow sill can be replaced? Then when showering I guess open the shade more.
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    Master bathroom

    Ok got a few observations here for some troubleshooting. we always run the fanduring a shower with door open and leave the fan on for at least 30 minutes after a shower. Moisture never builds up on the mirror or anything. i notice the wIndia sill looked odd so I opened the shade. I found...