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    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    fill it, up to about 1/8 or 1/4" from the top, then top it with Sika driveway crack filler (Home Depot sells it), and it may last MUCH longer.... make sure you DAM up the ends, as it will run out any crack it can, as it "self-levels" read directions on Sika container for correct distance, etc
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    Garage Foundation Issue

    pinhole in one of those red / blue pipes (that is PEX pipe), maybe ??? it might be good idea to hire a plumbing company that specializes in finding leaks, they have special equipment to find leaks....(one is SOUND detection, it has various probes to stick down in ground, or that set on...
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    What Caused this rusting?

    IF IT was ME, I would move all pool chemicals OUTSIDE the house....???
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    Wax seal

    I agree, with Jeff, I don't try to caulk the BACK of the toilet base, for reason he stated.
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    Wax seal

    I believe that is standard part of the job ?? I always caulk around the bottom, when I do one, makes mopping / sweeping cleaning easier in the future...?
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    "Luxury" Vinyl

    ok, thanks !!!
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    "Luxury" Vinyl

    can you give me an idea of what the carpet remnant binding cost ?? I have some remnants of outdoor carpet, and want to have some runners bound to go across the high traffic areas.... THANKS !!! JJ in Jacksonville, FL
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    Best way to secure storage rack to concrete wall?

    if you do use Tapcons, I have found that screwing them in BY HAND, is much preferred to using power driver, as you can "feel" when they get tight, and not strip them out..... it could be that my issue was caused by my home being built in 1960, and the type of blocks that were used, ymmv...
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    Front Door Finish Is Coming Off When I Try to Clean Door

    Sherwin Williams makes a paint for doors, called SnapDry, it is about $25 or $30 / quart, but it dries quickly, and has been durable, on the door I did, so far, been on there for about a year. One quart did the exterior of the door, with 1/2 or more left over. This door faces directly east...