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  1. J

    Your house is how old?

    In my opinion older houses have a nicer feel than new builds. I would take a older house with its little problems over a new build any day.
  2. J

    What are you wearing right now?

    Absolutely freezing here in Yorkshire, so i'm wearing about 4 layers even though i'm sat on my sofa! :banana:
  3. J

    Shower Enclosure Shelf

    These guys have a few bathroom accessories they might have what your looking for.
  4. J

    Kitchen Remodel

    Nice large area to play with there, you could make something really nice out of that! Keep us all updated :)
  5. J

    Question concerning eBay??

    Please ensure you are on a modern browser with javascript enabled as previously said. Older browsers wont support more advanced features such as the count down.
  6. J

    Glass cleaning

    I am in the process of renovating my bathroom, has anyone tried the glass clean guard on their shower doors? I have heard the sales jargan about how it can help i am just wondering if anyone has had experience of using this and if it actually works?
  7. J

    What is the best way to quit smoking?

    i find it is more of a social thing rather, i have many friends and relatives who are justg "social smokers" which is pretty normal these days so it tends to be just on a saturday night. I know how hard it is to quit like any addiction but determination and will power will get you through.
  8. J

    air bubbles from shower drain

    i am not an expert in this area but i would suggest getting a second plumber in maybe that would help you. I can only guess it is too do with the ventalation but i wouldnt be 100%, get a second opinion.
  9. J

    asbestos concern in this pic?

    always a worthwhile effort when it turns out well like that, looks good.
  10. J

    Water damaged ceiling in kitchen - how to fix?

    i would leave the ceiling to dry out for at least a week after it is fixed aswell, depending on how long it has been leaking.
  11. J

    test kits for water

    change the filter, you might want to save money but you will end up ill
  12. J

    Easy listening

    I love Santana.. he is a guitar god!
  13. J

    Bathtub overflow screw corrotion

    you might be better just replacing it
  14. J

    My bedroom is a disaster..

    I would give it a thourough clean, paint the walls, freshen it up and put the shoes under the bed maybe?
  15. J

    Solution for Unsightly Cables

    looks a really good product, wires can be a real pain