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    Correct way (per code) to add additional items to an outlet that is on it's own circuit?

    Kitchen receptacles are not allowed to contain lighting loads. Anywhere else in the house it is OK.
  2. J

    Running a 240v sub panel to garage for car charger

    #6 is only good for 60 amps.
  3. J

    Strangely pulsing light when off

    My guess the remote is drawing a tiny current when the power is off. Is the light a CFL or LED? If so then the capacitor charge and blink the light.
  4. J

    Can this floor be salvaged?

    Looks like signs of water damage.
  5. J

    3 Way Wall Light Switch compatible

    Put the white wire on the other screw of the first swtich.
  6. J

    Pipes connected with foil and do I fix this?

    The fitting you need on top of the P trap pipe is called a slip coupling. It has a nut and a tapered washer seal. The sink drop pipe slides inside and you tighten the nut to make the seal.
  7. J

    Help Identifying a Bulb

    Is that a standard size base or is it smaller. Take another picture beside a ruler for reference. It is 120 volt 60 watts. Looks like a halogen lamp.
  8. J

    Great stuff! How long to wait to reinstall trim???

    The foam will cure. The bigger issue would be if you put a lot in there, it could push the trim off or leak out around it as it expands.
  9. J

    Is this Normal for a basement exterior perimeter drain tile??

    That is really good for 20 years old.
  10. J

    Gas meter conundrum - cannot solve this!

    Do you smell gas near the meter? If you do they will be there in 10 minutes.
  11. J

    Gas meter conundrum - cannot solve this!

    There is no physical way to connect two meters to one unit. The gas company is wrong.
  12. J

    Sump pump running non-stop -- chemical test of water?

    Check the sump discharge line. If it has broken near the house the pump will be cycling the same water over and over.
  13. J

    Wiring outlet from a switch

    If the only power in the light is switched power then go to the switch. There should be unswitched power in the switch box.
  14. J

    Light switch problem

    switch is bad or you have a loose connection. I either case a new switch is in order. Use the screw terminals and not the push in back stab connections.
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    Can't log in Firefox v74.0 (64-bit)

    Stay logged in worked today. It remembered me from yesterday.