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    Pool Timer Upgrade from Intermatic T-104

    Thanks, will check out Jandy. I have an appreciation the high wattage issue and would prefer a hard-wired solution.
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    Pool Timer Upgrade from Intermatic T-104

    Similar situation to that noted in the thread: However, I would like to consider upgrading my Intermatic mechanical pool pump timer to an electronic one, and if not too expensive, potentially one which can be remote-controlled from my...
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    Toilet Leak - Wax Ring Picture

    Yep... They do have a tendency get stuck in your teeth.
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    Toilet Leak - Wax Ring Picture

    "The attached picture shows the wax ring that was in place. It obviously leaked from above the flange, but I can't find an imperfection that would point to a leak." Picture?
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    IRON Fence Jig

    Douglas... I'd love to watch your video, but I continue to get an error message that the IP address cannot be found. Rick
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    Pathway gaps... Boy! Did I ever screw up...

    Ready-mix motar mix also appears to lighten up considerably. Is there a way to make it darker? I've used this to do some tuck-pointing in the past and have had the same issue. By the way, your walkway looks great.
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    Pathway gaps... Boy! Did I ever screw up...

    Yep... I screwed up. At the very least, I've created a lot of extra work to correct this, but I still don't have a solution. I have a flat-stone pathway that is somewhat pitched away from the house. It's been there for the past 15+ years and soil and small stones we've packed between the...
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    Keeping track of home maintenance and repair tasks

    Evernote... You can set up jobs in notebooks and assign tags, and link with your calendar. Oh yeah, nice to add the manual to a notebook for reference. Think of a notebook list as the table of contents at the front of a book; a tag list is like the index in the back of the book. Attached is a...
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    Stucco crack (EIFS) at base of wall

    The kids are out of the house and the wife and I are attempting to sell our house. One issue we're concerned about is a horizontal "crack" in the stucco at the base of our front wall (See attached photos) that essentially runs the entire width of the house. The house was built in early 1994...
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    Corroding Fence... Dog issue...

    OK... I'm looking for some suggestions for dealing with a corroding wrought iron fence, which is exclusively due to a 12 yr old cocker which my wife loves more than me. (Although I like the dog, and not having him around would free up considerable more room in the dog house for me, if he became...
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    Matching mortar... Other alternatives?

    I suppose I could have posted this under "decks and patios" but the concern I have is focused on the mortar between the bricks of my patio, and what other alternatives may be out there. The bricks at the gateway between my patio and the pool deck have settled over the past 17 years. The...
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