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    No main breaker

    I have a square d homc30uc panel that doesn’t have a main breaker on it. What are my options for shutting the power off to run a new line?
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    Pulling from three way switch

    Thank you guys for the help! Unfortunately that switch is the slave switch.
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    Pulling from three way switch

    I tested both switches and they both have power to them when off.
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    Pulling from three way switch

    I’m installing some recessed lights in our dining room and the switch is going to be right next to our kitchen three way switch. I’m wondering if I should pull power from that three way switch or should I just run a new line?
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    How to swag a chandelier with ground

    We recently moved and we brought our dining room chandelier with us. The chandelier was hard wired at the old house but the new house doesn't have any electrical in the ceiling in the dining room only outlets. My question is how can I put a plug on this? The chandelier has a hot, neutral and a...