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    2-Prong Outlet to 3-Prong Home Conversion

    Just throwing this out there, is it possible that your jurisdiction might have required them to bring the electric up to code for the remodel? If they were supposed to and didn't you might be able to go to Small Claims Court (or the RI equivalent) to recover the cost of doing what they...
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    What's the Truth about Lumens vs Watt Equivalency in LED Downlights?

    Google tells me a 100W incandescent bulb puts out about 1600 Lumens, but LED downlights that say they are "100W-equivalent" typically say they are 850-1100 Lumens. If I wanted to switch from 200W (3200 assumed Lumens) incandescent lighting to LED downlights, do I buy two "100W-equivalent"...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    I think I thought of the drawback to the switch leg. If I ever want to replace the switch with a dimmer, I will probably wish I had just done what Bud 16415 said and used the hot and neutral already in the switchbox. Looks like most LED dimmers require a neutral. Thanks for being patient...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    That makes sense to me, but that's not much of an endorsement! Certainly easier to run one 2-wire cable between the attic and the switchbox than two. As long as I am careful to mark the white wire black REALLY well to ID it as hot, are there any downsides to this?
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    If I understand, I was going to "mimic the former outlet wiring, with one cable bringing power from the attic light j-box down to the unused switch, and one cable running back up from the switch into the attic and to the new ceiling fixture, with the hots attached to the switch and the neutrals...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    Well that makes sense. That's probably why I didn't think of it! I must say, sometimes I wonder if I am being paranoid, the house has been here for 63 years and I have been here for the last 26 and we have not really had any problems. I will put switching my breakers to GFCI on the list but...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    Thanks to everybody for the great info. Follow-up questions: 1) Since all new light fixtures come with ground wires and my 1950s house is not grounded (all the wiring I've seen is just a black and a white), when I install the new light(s) do I just connect hot to hot and neutral to neutral and...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    I hadn't thought about the issue of 2 different sources in the switch box. I know ideally, I would find where the outlet is getting its power and just run new cable directly from that source to the outlet so it would bypass the switch box. Or I could put the cable from the outlet into a second...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    1) Let me get one question out of the way first: Am I correct that any dangers or potential shocks or appliance frying from possible shared neutrals will be eliminated if I turn off power to all circuits before separating any neutrals?
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    Thanks. I have a larger overall plan but am taking my questions one at a time for clarity (mine). I intend to install a GFCI on the most upstream outlet on this and the other ungrounded circuits in the house. Step 2. Now I have an unused, disconnected switch in the wall. I want to install a...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    I have an original switched outlet in my 1950s house. No ground, just wired with black and white wires in a sort of paper sheath. In the switch box the neutral into the box providing the power and the neutral from the box going to the outlet are connected with a wire nut and the hot wires are...
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    Tub Caulk at Tile Base

    I am no expert so I will defer to the much smarter members here, but transitions like that are supposed to have CAULK not GROUT. Usually silicone caulk. Second, If the transition has GROUT and not CAULK (and it looks like it does in the original picture), the simplest way is to remove it with...
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    Kohler Shower Diverter Valve-replace cartrdge or whole valve assembly?

    This has been in the house at least 25 years. When you turn the handle, it "slips," meaning the handle will turn but not necessarily turn the water on or off. The feeling is like when you have a geared mechanism with worn gears that don't always engage. You have to push the handle in really...
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    Is my house's wiring normal?

    I have a typical mid-50s CA tract house, 1162-SqFT, 3-bed/2-bath. Been here 25 years and I just mapped the electric circuits and some of it seemed odd to me. The breaker box has four 15a breakers and four 20a breakers; I hope and assume that the circuits all have the appropriate wiring for...