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    Matching aged color of wood ceiling

    My science is limited but I think the color change is all about exposure to ultra violet or not. UV is available. See a good example by Googling “Does UV darken wood?“ According to the site, as little as 48 hours can make a substantial difference.
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    Refinish Oak flooring, or replace?

    I’d try the shims since you seem to know where the movement is, and then, if the squeaks go away, lay the new flooring over the old floor. You don’t need a lot of skill to refinish a floor but it is a logistical nightmare-compounded with a baby in the house. If the Shims don’t work, you can...
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    Need Help with Door Re-Install

    I suspect that the problem was tight screws or unevenly tight screws. I took the door off again and started from the beginning but removed the pin from the top hinge and worked from the bottom up-then closed the door and replaced the top pin When the door was closed. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Need Help with Door Re-Install

    These are all good. Thanks. Today is the day to re-engage. Thanks.
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    Need Help with Door Re-Install

    Thanks for the reply. The door stops before it contacts the stop on the hinge side and about 6 inches away from the stop on the latch side.
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    Need Help with Door Re-Install

    I recently removed an interior door to paint it by removing the hinges from the jamb and the door. Upon re-installing it, it no longer closes tight but stops about 6 inches from fully closed. The hinges aren't bent and the hinges are flush with the mortises. Even though the door does not close...