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    Suggestions for moving door hinge to opposite side?

    In our utility room we replaced our water heater which is in the corner near the door. The newer tank is larger than the previous one and therefore we can't shut the utility room door mainly due to the oversized drip pan under the tank. My solution is to move the door so it opens out of the...
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    Installing carpet/baseboard on stairs question.

    I am finishing my upstairs and almost done other than a few odds and ends with the baseboards. My question is regarding the space between the stairs and the wall as it relates to carpet and the board between the wall and stairs. I have approx. anywhere from maybe an inch to a little over an...
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    Exterior door facing rotted at bottom need repair suggestion please.

    The way things are all one piece these days I was afraid the way it looked it was not but I will check it closer. The only problem with the replacement is having to be delicate with the siding so close by but the other could be a problem getting the plastic wood to match the shape. At least...
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    Exterior door facing rotted at bottom need repair suggestion please.

    Right next to the deck on my exterior door at the bottom I have some water damage to the wood. It is only an area about 1 inch square and the rest of the wood is in excellent shape. Problem is I am wanting to get the house ready to put on the market and would like to correct this problem. I...