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    Solar Panels

    Go for them or not? What's your success been like if any?
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    Renewable meet worldwide needs of energy?

    I wonder how much opinions have changed in the last few years? We can see now that renewables have increased in demand and popularity, with recent news in the UK and France about having an eventual outright ban on petrol and diesel vehicles. I've always thought it very interesting to assess...
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    Steep Driveway

    A speed bump would just surely complicate matters? It's only going to make it more difficult to get in and out. Not sure there's really much you can do to make it better. Make it into a car elevator?
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    Entry door lock was drilled to open

    Same applies for those in the UK fyi. Go to a locksmith all day long.
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    How To Fix A Clogged Bathroom Sink Drain / Waste Pipe Stopper Disassemble Reassemble

    I'd usually put something down it myself, but good video nonetheless!
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    Advice: Safety anchors for harness when cleaning roof

    Wouldn't let anyone on my roof! Then again, no way you'd be able to get onto it given its angle. Don't ever risk it anyway really.
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    One Word Game: volume 3

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    Canada takes top spot

    I enjoyed reading your incredibly response. No, we're sarcastic here too, it's just my fault for not getting it! You raise a very good point about Canada. Then again, I imagine areas of the US are a lot more pleasant to live in. At a basic level, climate is important and trust me when I say...
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    One Word Game: volume 3

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    Canada takes top spot

    Apologies if so. I've come across people with that exact viewpoint before so it isn't always clear - especially on an internet forum!
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    Vacant house security

    Timer activated lights are a very good idea. If they're just left on constantly through the night, it wouldn't be hard for someone to realise no one is in. Security van would be too expensive. The idea about the cops isn't too bad though
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    Canada takes top spot

    You realise how illogical your argument is right? You've literally just used a straw man argument to speak out against having a large state - something which the UK does not have. A lot of the things you speak about require choice. Energy providers, food, homes. They all vary in standard and...
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    One Word Game: volume 3

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    Toy stuck in bathtub faucet

    As with above, use an old coat hanger. If not, those picks look like they'd be a good investment. I guess it depends just how much of a lever you can get around the toy to pull it out.
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    Canada takes top spot

    Shows you the quality of it if it's still underfunded and comes out best. The quality is second-to-none, but the UK simply needs more doctors and nurses, it's as simple as that. Our ranking may slip post-brexit if we can't attract nurses to the country. Big IF, but still a cause for concern.