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    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    Has anyone run across readily available, bagged, proportioned concrete mix with air entrainment for freeze-thaw durability? - Adding an entrainment additive, which is usually quite strong, requiring very accurate dosing in a small batch. I have seen many, many sidewalks and driveway patches go...
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    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    You will not find too many mobile concrete batching tucks just because of the economics (low demand and high maintenance/acquisition costs). Dick
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    What's your Temp?

    Nothing dramatic this morning in MSP Minnesota. Was -4F at 8:00 AM with sun and no wind. I had an 8:00 Drs appointment and did not wear a jacket (tuck-under garage). Now, at 11:20 AM it is -10F. with bare streets and 2"to 4" of snow on the grass. Just boring similar weather ahead for a few...
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    Insulating a brick or block structure

    Deek - I am a little lost. Is the garage really made from block and not brick. Often, people mix up there terms. I had a home that was built of 12" clay block, but a 4" thick brick wall cannot support a roof load by itself. - Could the wall be made of 2 bonded layers of brick (8" thick total)...
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    What did you do today?

    For the fourth day in a row, I thought about painting the hand rail on a stairway. I kept putting it off because it was inconvenient and unsafe to not use the stairway in a 3 level split level home. Fortunately we have 4 TVs so I can always see a football game without endangering someone. Dick
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    CMU Pier

    You should excavate to get down to strong bearing soil and at least to the local frost depth If is on an exterior wall. - It must not be a very long beam span if no center pier was specified. Will the addition have a crawl space or basement? A fully grout grouted pier is usually 16"x16" unless...
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    Is there a minimum temp for mortar repair?

    Too often, people are hung up on the air temperature. Due to the weight and mass of masonry products the over-riding factor is the temperature of the materials (units, sand, water, etc.). For curing of a wall, the temperature of the materials governs. Any good contractor will have the sand on...
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    christmas lights

    tuffy - The answer is "BAH HUMBUG!!" When the kids like it and the neighbors do not complain, the warm feeling when you drive home is a big factor. Neighbors may complain about the light and traffic and glare, but they may either turn off all lights or add some for the next year. Grand kids...
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    christmas lights

    Scrooge/Tuffy - So when does the cost of electricity have an effect on the decision made once a year? Dick
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    New Footing Method

    They are not acceptable for use on a deck that is attached to a permanent structure(home). The permanent structure is isolated from frost heaving, but the outer support of th deck cannot allowed to heave upward. - They don't always come back down. Dick
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    New Footing Method

    There could be a problem if the uplift from frost is considered. The biggest foundation area is the concrete center-piece that will get frost under it while the lower soil could still be damp and provide no resistance for the "spider-legs" that can be raised or bend. Having the outer part of...
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    Storing grass seed

    frodo - Just in case you decide to sow some oats or grass in the middle of the night? Dick
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    Landscape Block Wall

    Soparklion11 - That unit you show is really not a good unit for a retaining wall unless there some secret hidden in or behind what is seen. When you lay a conventional shape block like that on top of another, the block can just slide with any soil pressure below and any soil crumbs act just...
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    Leaning retaining wall! Help!!

    To my knowledge, all of the major acceptable retaining wall units are laid with the tops level (side to side or end to end). Some have the raised lip on the front and some with a downward lip on the rear. This provides the shear resistance and the necessary geometry to have a built in setback...
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    What will I find?

    mikejurasw- When you are dealing with older homes, there are some very strange wall and ceiling/roof construction methods. It is not a regimented and close-minded as current construction. The older homes often had details that were dictated by the general plans local practices and materials. I...