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    What did you do today?

    I made sketches of products that interest me for my cooking. I am currently visualizing which backsplash I will choose. But for the moment, for the counter of the island, several options interest me. What do you think?
  2. Magma


  3. Jet Sequoia

    Jet Sequoia

  4. Petrified Wood

    Petrified Wood

  5. Marbre


  6. Kitcehn Island

    Kitcehn Island

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    Bed headboard plan

    Hello, I'm looking to add a headboard to my current bed to change the decor, and I thought of something very massive and perhaps velvet, or with a flamboyant color, in short something fabric that would give a lot of presence my very ordinary base. I would like to take inspiration from this bed...
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    Hello from Canada!

    Here to get some advice because I'm gonna do so home improvements!
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    Using Formica metal laminate

    I choose the high pressure laminate from Formica's brand and it was really easy to insall. Even if I wanted marble at the beggining, I am really satisfy and my wallet too!