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    Quite Exhaust fan

    I am looking for a quite exhaust fan for a smaller size bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom. The one that is in there is a fan/light that is 15 years old. I do not know what to look for in a good fan that is low in price but still quite when I go to turn it on. Any advice or...
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    Moving a Clematis

    I have a Clematis in the front of my house that is away from the house by like 1 foot or so. it is about 2 years old. It is growing up a fence(v shape fencing) that I will have to replace due to it growing so much. I was wanting to move it close to house but don't want to kill it when I go...
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    Stink bugs

    Like everyone else we have the invasion of the stink bugs. If you have suggestions to killing them or keeping them away from the house please let me know
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    Ant and spider killer

    I live where their is allot of woods and the ants and spiders are extremely bad this time of the year. I am looking for ways to kill them off whether it is spray or traps, or items you put in the ground to kill the them off.
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    I have moles in my underground they are digging up my whole yard. Is any way to kill them off?
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    Garbage disposal trouble

    garbage disposal trouble I have a In Sink Erator in which I don't know how old it is. When I flip the switch just the motor runs that is it. I pressed the reset button but still motor is running and that is it. What could be the issue? newtda is online now Report Post
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    Watering plants

    I was speaking with a local nursey and they said if you are going to be away from the house for a long time to place all flowers in a kids pool with water in it and the plants will drink the water when ever they want. Is this true to be able to do this?
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    Thanks everyone for the help.
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    From the deck boards
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    I have sap on several boards on my deck, I dont know if I should flip the board over? replace it? or if there is anything else i could do to get rid of the sap?
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    Branch trimming

    Want trim due to Grass not growing and just trying to clean up the place
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    Branch trimming

    Thanks what did you do to change the picture?
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    Branch trimming

    I am wanting to to trim some branches on the darker pine tree, If I trim the branches will the tree be at any harm? Also how far up should I trim the branches? Sorry about the Picture be side ways.
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    Power Washer quick connect garden hose connector

    I am looking for a quick connect connector for my home lite 2700 psi power washer, the one it come with doesn't work right or I have lost a piece. I have tired to search all over the place for one online and cant find one. Any assistance would be great.
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    Shrub Removal

    I will be removing all scrubs in front of my house. I was wondering what step I would need to take to complete the task? Or what is the easiest way to remove the shrubs? Below are the shrubs I want to remove.