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    Clogged Kitchen Sink

    Ever figure out what it was that was causing the clog?
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    Favorite Childhood Toy

    Lincoln logs and legos.
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    What to do when you rent and your bathroom sucks

    Sounds like a new paint job would definitely help, and if you're not allowed to replace the larger fixtures like the sink or vanity, how about replacing some of the smaller fixtures like the faucets, towel bars, etc? Sometimes little updates like these can go a long way.
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    Bad Kitchen Sink side spray

    It's sometimes a better idea to just go with an attached pullout spray faucet. Most are made out of metal.
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    Decorating Our Century Home

    Some great work there, Adam. The lounge area looks particularly beautiful.
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    For your reading enjoyment

    Pretty ridiculous story there. Sorry about your clothes.
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    Decorating Ideas For Small Rooms

    These are some great tips. Thanks for sharing, Dyson.
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    In what order should I do work?

    You could paint before you do the windows and then do touch-ups after. If you're careful and you plan ahead it shouldn't be too much work, but indeed you should absolutely do floors last.
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    Kitchen Sink

    This is one of several reasons why stainless steel remains more popular
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    New here

    Welcome aboard.
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    I Need Advice!

    i too would add lattuce, but would keep the color the same unless you were planning to repaint something else to complement the new color.
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    Living room/kitchen opening

    I agree with TheClumsyCarpenter. Even if you're not planning on selling anytime soon, it sounds like you're looking for something that won't cut the opening off entirely. How about some sort of portable pantry or shelving space...
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    Shakelton's Whiskey Found!

    I'd have to imagine that it will end up in a museum somewhere.
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    need replacement garbage disposal

    Insinkerator is the best.
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    Thought you would like this.

    see now that was just wrong, lol