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    Bathtub spout

    So I notice a leak between the wall and tub spout, I take the tub spout off to investigate and discover a plastic pipe I can’t get the tub spout back on tight enough to stop the leak I call a plumber and they tell me that the pipe is incorrectly plumbed and needs to be copper or galvanized and...
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    Vacuum breaker leak

    Have three vacuum breakers (3/4” champion type 262) one I abandoned and plugged the end and it continues to leak at the cap very slowly. Does this indicate there is a problem w the valve or solenoid or did I not abandon it correctly?
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    Slab foundation offset in garage

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! The house was built in 1975. There is no vertical component to the offset.
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    Slab foundation offset in garage

    Might purchase this home but noticed the concrete slab foundation was offset during walkthrough. Home inspector said not to worry as no other signs of foundation problems were noted. But want another set of eyes. Should I be worried about this offset in the concrete slab foundation in the garage?
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    Efflorescence garage floor

    Seeing some efflorescence and minor spalling of concrete floor in garage just before threshold to home hallway. Slab foundation and it’s been dry all summer. The irrigation runs 2x per week but area is away from landscaping. Should I worry about subslab plumbing leak?