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    My wife and I tried a product called Johnny Grip on our bathroom floor and it definitely did the job. It's lasted months with no problems whatsoever.
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    New User

    Hi Chris, welcome.
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    Fruit Flies are annoying!

    I agree with strategery. I do the same thing and they are gone within 3 days. Except I use apple cider vinegar.
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    Pet stained floor

    I agree, a professional isn't a bad idea at all. If you are really concerned about those black spots. Looks like a lot of work ahead of you.
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    Re-doing an old fireplace

    Do you have any pictures we can see to help you?
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    Green 'dirt' on my vinyl siding...

    Powering washing is what I would recommend.
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    The Laptop Advantage

    oh yes! he did :] Really I think laptops are the way to go nowadays over desktops. Why NOT get a laptop?
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    Dryer sheets on baseboards?

    Have you guys ever tried this? I've been doing it lately just because every room in my house has white baseboards. They smell great, but it not only cleans the dust off the baseboards, but the wax-like substance in the sheet actually protects the baseboards from dust as well. It shields it.
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    From Texas, say no more

    Wow, you are very talented!
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    Yeah we're having showers today, tomorrow, and on mother's day :/
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    Cool joke..

    That definitely sound like it came from my family. haha
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    What is wrong with society

    Times are tough man. I can relate.
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    Facebook is my favorite, what about you?

    Twitter is more simple for me. It's pretty basic. You don't get lost in all the mumbo-jumbo crap pictures in your newsfeed on twitter, but like I said before I wish there was neither. I miss the old days!
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    Favorite Cat Toys!

    Not sure that I have a favorite cat toy. lol. I just like cats in general.
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    What can i do with this big yard?

    A rock garden would look nice on that side view. And maybe a small little fish pond to go with it.