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    Tilting garage

    I thought about doing the come along thing and then cutting 2x4's and securing them at a 45 degree angle onto the walls and ceiling joists once the walls are plum. I didn't know if that would work or not.
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    Painting panaling

    I would like to paint my diningroom panaling. However, I have seen painted panaling before and it doesn't look good. I don't like how the groves show up. Does anyone know how to paint panaling so it looks like a flat wall or sheetrock? I thought about putting joint compound in each of the...
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    Tilting garage

    The foundation is a concrete slab. It is not in bad shape. There are some cracks but they all are in the center of the garage. It is situated on level ground. The walls are made of wood, typical 2x4 construction. The wood is in fine condition and has no insect or water damage. The wall...
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    Tilting garage

    I have an old garage that is leaning. The two side walls are leaning in. How can I fix this problem? Thanks so much for your time.