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    Saving on Carpet?

    I got my first quote today for replacing our carpet upstairs. Approximately 750 sq. ft., quality pad, carpet just above builder's grade and installation was $2,230. Definitely plan on getting a 2nd quote...would really like to cut that price by $200-$300. Does anyone have any advice on getting a...
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    French door knobs

    I'm having a hard time finding new hardware to put on my back french doors. I've been to Lowes and Home Depot. The levers I found are made to go on the opposite side of the door that my current hardware is on. Also, the locking lever seems to stick out further from the door than the dummy lever...
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    Wallpaper under paint

    Just bought a house and realized there is wallpaper under the paint in the kitchen and dinning room. How hard would it be to remove the current paint and wallpaper? I'm a little worried about accidentally ripping off the top layer of the sheet rock.
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    Glass for master bath shower?

    We just moved into a home that has an interesting tub/shower in the master bath. It has nice tile but no glass (or room for a shower a rod) to help keep water in. I would really like to have some glass installed...but im kinda scared about how expensive it will be. If I have glass installed...
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    Do I need a gutter?

    At my back door, when it rains, the carpet on the inside becomes damp/wet. Would a gutter help with this issue?