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    Water control and leaks

    Thats a scary video.
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    Water control and leaks

    Another concern is this corner. The river rock section is lower than the sidewalk. Big snow this year caused the entire rock section to be submerged and the entire floor in this area was wet, but the wood damage in this space tells me it wasn't the first time. I'm sure the short downspout...
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    Water control and leaks

    Thanks Steve, One corner leaks a little when we get heavy rain but its right by the inside drain anyway. No harm and looks like an expensive fix, so Id rather ignore it. Another corner was a groundhog issue I think I can fix. Humidity/mold may exist anyway, without AC or a dehumidifier. The...
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    Water control and leaks

    I have questions about water and basements, and even more questions about dealing with it in this strange house. It seems there are no experts in the general topic of dealing with water. No one knows who to call, for example, a landscaping problem or a foundation problem. Starting at the...
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    Hello from Minneapolis MN

    Hello from Rochester!
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    This will be fun

    I got a new home, been here almost two years now, and it's been interesting. First of all, I felt tricked after i signed the papers. "Welcome to home ownership" but they really meant "now you're one of us, a slave to your house and you're in it for life.." Ok, I don't regret it yet, but this...