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    How to bend PVC faster ?

    I found offsets to be a nice touch. But I think you can even buy those at your Home Depot nowadays.
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    How to bend PVC faster ?

    Have you got a brand or model name? Sounds interesting. I've bent quite a few 1/2" pipes using my knee with fairly good results. But if there's an affordable alternative, I'd like to check it out.
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    The wall bows away from my new bathroom countertop.

    Any chance you could include a photo? I'd like to put a picture together with what these guys' instructions are.
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    flickering lights

    When a panel is wired in, it can be easy to overlook tightening down all the neutrals on the neutrals bar. And I jot down the brand in my head as a mental note. Could be useful later sometime.
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    flickering lights

    Just curious. What brand is your panel box?
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    flickering lights

    How about checking the neutrals? There's a likely suspect.
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    flickering lights

    So a loose breaker was your problem?
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    Silly question about a shower light

    I couldn't find the photo via your link. Try adding it as an attachment.
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    What would you do?

    Wow. Never heard of 4 switched outlets in a room. Not sure what they were thinking when they did that. Personally, I'd do away with the switched outlets and make them constant hot if I were installing a light fixture or a ceiling fan with light kit.
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    New ceiling fan wiring

    Adding a switch would not only be nice, it's practically necessary. Unless you want to be turning the breaker off whenever you want to work with the wiring in your ceiling box, put in a switch. Plan beforehand whether you want a single switch or you want the fan and light switched separately...
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    Electrical Outlets

    I suppose you would need an extension ring for your existing outlet.
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    paint on leather

    Used Canola oil cause it was available. Worked like a charm.
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    texturing via sponge

    Anybody here ever texture the actual paint rather than the mud? Can I get a decent orange peel using a sponge on the wet paint?
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    paint on leather

    Did not know that, Chaluska. Let you know how it turns out.
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    paint on leather

    We've got virtually a brand new tan leather recliner and I managed to get a couple of smears of oil-based paint on it. What would you recommend to clean it up without defacing the sofa?