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    Clive Cusler, Brad Meltzer
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    Black Crowes, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Here Come The Mummies, Extreme, Supertramp.......
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    Deck Question

    Maybe a little construction adhesive if you have an open tube, on the ends of of the 2ply beams where they will meet. Will help keep the entire joint water tight. A few screws with the glue will eliminate the need for bolts
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    Stained bathtub

    Muriatic acid and safety gear plus a little elbow grease will knock those stains back to white. If the thought of using acid scares you (it shouldn't; just be smart about it) you can use a toilet duck type cleanser. These have a diluted form of the same thing in there make up and that's what...
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    Advice on circular saw please

    Slow speed could also be caused by too long an extension cord or too light a gauge of cord. Something to think about.
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    Poor Mortar installation

    You mentioned that you can rub the mortar out with your finger? If this is true, I would be inclined to guess that there was too much sand and not enough masonry cement in the mix. I've found that the pre bagged mixes do not have enough cement in them and when forced to use them I always add a...
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    Gas Boiler Question

    as a guide line I've recently renovated a 100 yr + double brick home completely. A steel roof installed (in progress) $6800.00. This is the only job I paid to have done professionally. I've known the installer for years having worked in building materials for many years. His work is impeccable...
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    closed cell sprayfoam feedback

    I've pretty much talked myself into a DIY product called Tigerfoam. Small bbq tank-like kits. Interested in any feedback good or bad. Thanx folks
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    should I insulate the floor

    Have you considered spray foam? Not the stuff in a can. There are kits available for the homeowner. I'm currently in a similar situation in an older home. I found an ideal product ( I think ) online. Check out These types of closed cell kits are the smaller and lighter cousins to...
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    Age Old Toilet Leaking Inside the Bowl Question

    Check the float rod and adjust by gently bending so float ball just prevents water from spilling into overflow tube. Its not leaking from the bottom by the sound of it but give it a try and see if this fixes.
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    Ballpark remodeling costs?

    I agree with gatorfan. You can do the roof yourself but do you really want to? I feel this is an area where you should opt for PROFESSIONAL installation.And check the contractors work stringently. Way too many 'back yard billies' out there. Think of it this way, would you perform surgery on...
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    Greetings everyone...

    I'm a newbie to this forum as well. Welcome. No better way to learn than listen to others.
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    sliding door leak

    What is the age of the door? If its older than 10 years replace it if the wallet allows. Is the door vinyl or wood.? Most people never bother to repaint their door until they realize they should have. At this point the wood is mildewed and rotten and will only continue to fail. Don't forget...
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    Metal roof/ ridge vs flat

    This post may be a wee late but if i may add my 2 cents. Most roofing tin is designed either with a hidden fastening system or a rib fastened method. Screwing in the field or flat is okay in a siding installation but roofing is meant to be fastened at the rib for ultimate strength. If wind...
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    Applying mortar to cinderblocks

    Most of the exterior stucco systems will work on your project especially in your climate. A product I've worked with is 'Drivit' but many others exist. Just about any colour you desire can be had. If you can plaster you can do this easily.