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    Garage entry door

    Amen on that ^. :I agree:
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    String trimmer string keeps breaking

    I've been using trimmers of various brands for around 45 years, and am now on my 3rd trimmer (a gas-powered Stihl that I bought in 2008 for about $135). I used various brands of string and for the last 7-8 years I have been having trouble with the string breaking. Before that it's never been a...
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    String trimmer string keeps breaking

    My local Stihl salesman told me that the string (0.080") dries out and should be kept in water to maintain its flexibility. Sounds like BS to me, but then who knows?? I can't see plastic drying out or absorbing water, but then again... maybe?? :dunno:
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    Front Door Finish Is Coming Off When I Try to Clean Door

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. I think it's a colored surface and not a varnish. I never put anything on the door's finish except "cleaner". And it's cleaning the coloring off. More info: It's a door. It opens and closes. :dance chik: I don't think the surface is real wood. Prolly some kind of...
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    Fixing Corner Where Drywall Ceiling Meets Walls

    I won't be getting a photo until I'm ready to get serious and actually do something about the hole. And yes, I can crawl my tired old bones into the attic! I hadn't even thought of that! Fifteen years ago I did it to install a can light above the tub. Thanks for the reminder! :)
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    Front Door Finish Is Coming Off When I Try to Clean Door

    Fifteen years ago I replaced my front door with one from Lowes. It has a wood-like finish. I tried to clean off the water splash spots on the outside bottom of the door a few times, but soon realized that all I was doing was removing whatever finish had been applied when the door was...
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    window balance pivot stuck

    I agree. I would use one stick on each side.
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    Fixing Corner Where Drywall Ceiling Meets Walls

    I recently installed one of those pole-type shelves in a corner of my bathtub. It's the kind that mounts between the bathtub and the ceiling and that has three adjustable corner shelves on it. Well, I had too much pressure on it at first, and when I put the thing up it broke out a corner of the...
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    Mold or ~efflorescence?

    That doesn't look like efflorescence to me. Every 3 or 4 years I get efflorescence on the mortar that's between the bricks on the outside of my house. Just on the mortar, not on the bricks themselves. Usually in the protected areas that are under the deck covering. It looks like somebody spilled...
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    How did I do here?

    Looks good to me (BWDIK)... I would not have bothered to dig and lay 50 feet of pipe though.
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    Bedroom Door Won't stay open

    I hear that!
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    Tile pros, please help. What should I do here

    I certainly would try patching the spots if I could get something that will match in color. First I'd dig out the grout that's crumbling and clean the crack out, then fill it in with new grout. Certainly better than paying $$$ to have somebody re-grout the 19-year-old tiles and then having new...
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    Getting a Water Heater into Position

    I have been thinking about buying two ten-foot-long 2x4s and attaching them parallel to each other using other 2x4 scraps. The boards would be just far enough apart to allow the heater to lay between them. I would pick up and load the heater into my truck (with topper attached) so that the top...
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    Getting a Water Heater into Position

    I didn't think of that. It will be tight but maybe it will work. I can only pull forwards into the garage and still get out of the truck. Yes, the heater meets the clearance requirements for my area.
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    Cleaning Old Vinyl Tile Adhesive from Plywood Underlayment

    There was quite a bit of very sticky residue both on the floor and on the back of the old tiles. I did manage to get the residue of though, and the job is now complete. :thankyou: