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    Favorite/Least Favorite tools?

    I own a mix, like most people, I suppose - DeWalt has been a tremendous disappointment, and I won't even bother any more with Craftsman - I have a brother-in-law who gets me Milwaukee at a reasonable price, so I have been building my collection of those and I like them.
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    Have to get permit to build treehouse?

    Cami - there are some cities that, if they cannot mandate what people paint their houses, they at least try through community pressure groups (generally known as the local Arts Council, Preservation Committee, or whatever) - I know of several college and university towns (Lewisburg PA, home of...
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    installing chandelier

    NEVER install a chandelier yourself unless you are sure of what you are doing, both with the wiring and the weight on the ceiling - pay the money to get a handyman if you have any uncertainty about anything that can fall on you, electrocute you, or burn your house down.
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    color suggestions

    I like a chocolate brown (have one in my own living room) with cream or eggshell trim and a white ceiling - Some of the better dark blues (Martha Stewart's Northwestern Sky, e.g., which I have in my home office) might work - always go for a ceiling lighter than the wall color, though.
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    Firewood or gas logs

    Wood all the way - yes, wood fireplaces are inefficient, but a wood - burning stove does a good deal better, and in any case, gas logs look cheap and give no real heat either - if you go that way, why not just put sterno and candles in the fireplace opening?
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    using paneling as flooring????

    Ever thought about poured concrete floor? What room are you going to put the flooring down on? For my money, if you are going with a new floor, try some of IKEA's flooring materials - very simple to install, as I recall.
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    Kitchen cabinet repair

    Cabinet refinishing is much cheaper - the key consideration is, do you have enough cabinet space right now? If you do, I would go with the refinish job - if not, just tear everything out and start fresh - of course, that means you need to look at your counter-tops too.
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    Broken Dishwasher - Replace or not?

    Zizi - have you tried one of the very portable in-sink dishwashers? That may work for you, depending on how many dishes you actually do.
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    caculating paint

    One thing to remember - if you think you might run short on a two coat job, you can always stretch the second coat with some water- especially on a textured surface. All the rules, tho, of paint calculation are subject to the actual conditions - I recently did a bedroom that ended up requiring...
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    paint my tub?

    There is a black latex with epoxy that I have seen that makes a great tub finish, also used on indoor pools (has anyone seen the houses made from rail freight cars? - they can cut one of those in half and make an indoor lap pool by applying multiple layers of this stuff - very cool, saw it in...
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    tree stump how do I get rid of it?

    For my money, it is worth it just to pay someone to come and drag it out with a tractor - may cost a bit, but you will save time and it will be over and done
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    Door to Toilet Area

    If you want to be really ambitious, and really cool, make a glass brick partition around the commode area, giving yourself a small walk-thru, but concealing the toilet and the sitter behind the brick - if more privacy is desired, hand a curtain
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    Pella is good, so is Anderson -
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    anyone purchase a steelmaster building?

    I was just checking the steelmaster website - does anyone know how small there buildings can be made? (I am thinking one-car garage here.)
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    Friendly People

    Iowa here - Iowa City/West Branch area -