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    Window Quilt

    That sounds like a good idea as well, and much cheaper than the window quilt. I have Bali blinds now, which do block out some cold of course, but they are basically worthless otherwise. In looking for a permanent solution, I liked the window quilt velcro, and being able to roll it up in the...
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    Window Quilt

    Thanks, I could see how plexiglass would work, but it's too late to find a place that makes custom sizes. Maybe I will search that out in the Spring and do an experiment with that versus the window quilt. In the past, I have used 3 layers of cardboard backed by double bubble insulation, taped...
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    Window Quilt

    In searching for ways to block out the cold, I stumbled on to the window quilt site, and wonder if anybody has tried them? I'll probably try covering one room the first month or so of winter and compare between rooms how good they do. In searching this site, I did find a post from 2009, with a...
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    Major buyer's remorse, sick to my stomach, looking for advise

    I feel your pain, but what it all comes down to is you have to buy land and find a builder that will do it your way. For instance, I hated the kitchen island in my house, so I ripped it out after 6 years. The carpet had been through 7 dogs and multiple cats, so it had to go. I don't like the...
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    What's your Temp?

    19 now in Montana, existing snow probably 5 inches. Supposed to snow all day and rain all night and all day tomorrow with temps near 50.
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    So, I bought a house....

    I moved to a house with a septic 6 years ago, never before saw one. The septic company said NEVER put any additives in, especially not Rid X.
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    Crawl space mold removal techniques

    I had a small mold problem when I moved in this house in Montana, and cleaned it up with Peroxide. As far as using a shop vac, what about the exhaust? When I vacuum up sawdust, I smell a little release of sawdust particles that get past the filter. Mold spores of course are very tiny, and might...
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    What did you do today?

    In 2 days?
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    Island Column

    Yes, you are right, thinking back on how it looked from underneath in the crawl space.
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    Island Column

    Yes, it's leaning toward they put it in on top of the joists, put in the subfloor, added the drywall to what I assume is a 2x4 frame, and then put in the laminate floor. That would explain the ability to hide the nails / screws.
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    New Toilet

    Ok, since Lowe's doesn't show it, is the flapper on a Toto flush with the tank? My American Standard toilets flappers are elevated about 4 inches or so, meaning that amount of water sits in the tank all the time. I have had mold issues because of that, and I see no reason for it to be elevated.
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    Island Column

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how they secure these types of island columns to the floor? The cabinets are floaters, secured by T-25 screws to the column, and I expected when I pulled them out, there would be cutouts at the bottom where they secured the column to the floor. There is nothing...
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    What did you do today?

    Good Luck. Inhale Vitamin C, insane amounts.
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    Vinyl at Threshold

    It could be, it's form fit around the jamb and it does come up a little bit, but wanting to tuck it under is moot now, as the vinyl lines up a lot better than I expected. It looks like all I have to do is remove the old caulking, and then decide whether I need anything. Maybe a thin bead of...
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    Vinyl at Threshold

    No, because I have to remove the underlayment, or the entrance on the other side becomes a trip hazard when I remove the old fake wood flooring, which is slightly higher than the vinyl. Adding the vinyl on top of the underlayment will make the entrance at the transition strip too high, I think...