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    are these windows installed correct???

    Michelle, It's a bad job. It will leak. $3,000 might seem high. I ball park $100-$400 for the removal reinstall. The high end would be $2,800, plus there would need to be window flashing supplies. I live in Texas. I am a total DIYer. I remember the quote from when I did our windows...
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    Great Site Improvement

    Oldog do a search on this forum of SPISurfer and you'll see progression shots - cutting brick, mudding, drywall, pocket door, ikea cabinets, etc.... None of it would have been possible without this website! I'll post some finished photos in the gallery. Did you flood?
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    Great Site Improvement

    We like the crisp hard edges the metal corner beads create. Vinyl is probably better down here with the high humidity and salt air. We wanted angular modern appearance. We are enjoying the work we've done so far.
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    Painting Furniture

    I have a dresser that I sanded. I painted flat black latex enamel yesterday. The problem is the part where I did not sand down to the bare wood. The paint has not dried and there are streaks and color variations. I need to strip it and redo. I'm guessing the varnish was oil based...
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    Great Site Improvement

    TXBuilder - the forum has really improved. We can not thank you enough for starting it. We're at a stand still on the hurricane house, bathrooms still need to be done. 1 yr 4 months - new drywall, load bearing beam, windows in brick, Ikea cabinets. People give us grief about how long it...
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    Post Your Kitchen!!

    We got some cabinets. :banana: Putting together cabinets is more satisifying than scrapping popcorn or tape and float. There is a long story with the Ikea experience. We are excited to have some cabinets for the first time since Oct. 2008. If the rest of the cabinets and stove range would...
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    How do I get rid or surface rust on a bathtub?

    Hopefully you didn't strip the shine from the porcelain using CLR. You need Iron Out Super Iron Out® Down here the sell it at Walmart. It's in the laundry/cleaning section. First damp the rust area. Then pour the grains on there and add a little water to make paste. Let is sit...
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    Living room pics

    Keep at it! It looks good - smooth. I wish that I would have seen this thread last year when I was mudding. Glenns tips would have come in handy. I normally don't look at decor & painting. You mentioned moulding - I like the clean angles in your house without the moulding - just my opinion.
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    Leveling and staining a cracked foundation?

    Nogaro, Your choice depends on which flooring you really want. Our experience w/ self leveling wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Apparently we aren't the only people who have had this issue. We've always had acid stain floors and really enjoyed them. After we took down walls and...
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    Concrete Floor Paint - Nestor???

    We're wearing out. We are trying to finish the floor, but we are going on 3 maybe 4 wks. We stripped the concrete and patched the tack and cermanic tile holes. It is a terrible job. This is the worst part of our job. No Mapei Patch - I did find it at a warehouse, but we don't have an...
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    2 Window Questions

    Fixing windows that won't stay open --- I know you posted the name of the window, but I'd have to see it. I have windows with the same problem. After examining it and having another window to steal parts from, I decided that the stick method will have to do. Replacing windows with wooden...
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    Ceramic Insulating Paint

    I've done a preliminary search on putting the ceramic additive in paint to deflect the sun. Can anyone find information where an individual used the paint on their stucco/brick and it lowered their bills or that they were glad that they used it? The neighbors are sprucing up their house by...
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    ~ My first home, my first project. (not 56k friendly)

    You are a working machine, which inspires us to keep going. We still haven't done our flooring for the kitchen great room. Your tile looks good. We'll be getting our kitchen cabinets from IKEA. There is so much more to do, not to mention a few electrical surprises. Keep posting bathroom...
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    Texture paint for ceiling?

    Nestor: You are right. People paint with flat paint and texture the ceilings and walls to hide the boo boos. It was a beast skim coating our ceiling to make it flat, nice, glossy and to reflect any light that beams in from the windows. The textured paint I saw looked like it might...
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    Need some help on renovation costs

    Pityocamptes: Prospector gave you a great run down. The house is probably on slab so there wouldn't be any wood subfloor rot. Plus you are in AZ and wood rot isn't that bad there. I still believe that you make your money when you buy it. Buy it right and the problems will not seem that...