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    Concrete resurfacing

    no, you can't - each must be done separately,,, there's no guarantee of compatibility using behr in the newcrete,,, HOWEVER newcrete should have pigments which can be mixed into the newcrete & negate having to apply any behr,,, good luck w/the finish you want to achieve,,, smooth is extremely...
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    Concrete bird bath

    generally what bucks posts is true however, absent large chippable rust/scale, cement-all's wtrproof so expansion due to additional corrosion would not be an issue to me
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    Concrete bird bath

    we're fans of cement-all & we use it frequently,,, in your instance, prep the b/b well & let wtr soak into the existing conc,,, drain of all standing wtr & apply the coating w/mason's brush,,, this stuff sets up quick so consider buying a set delay pkg at the same time/place
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    Plywood deck over a rubberized roof

    you can't stop water but you can manage it - for ***** & giggles, look at westcoat's alx system,,, might be helpful
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    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    spark, that's only 60 bags,,, easy day
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    Use demo'ed driveway pieces to pave a path?

    you'll likely make a lot more work & not save a lot of $ but, in the end, its your house
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    What needs to be done to complete this driveway?

    you want a curb from the existing 1 that was cut ? why ?
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    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    joe, your estimate's correct,,, easier & cheaper for us
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    is this spalling?

    where is the pic let alone which #,,, 'spalling' is the fracturing of material as a result of movement on both sides,,, eg, if a crack were to constantly move, that action would cause both sides to grind against each other,,, you can either measure & monitor OR place some patching plaster &...
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    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    1.5cy / .67cf per 80# bag from the apron/vest stores = 60 bags,,, rent the small elec mixer & diy - volunteer labor, 5gal buckets = $400,,, here in atl our mobil mix will cost $575 for the same amount
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    Foundation repair and sump pumps

    how does wtr get inside the wall ? easy - code doesn't require 'waterproofing' - ONLY dampproofing,,, think of your basement as a ship's hull below the wtrline,,, all ships run bilge pumps,,, that's our work,,, if someone wanted to do the work 1/2***ed, we'd decline,,, imo, #1 & #2 are correct...
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    Redoing my driveway, one skid at a time

    why not ? if you pick pavers that are in current production, you shouldn't get much color change,,, think about buying a used plate compactor,,, you'll need 1 every time you place a skid,,, when done, sell it everyone i know does it this way - 1 skid at a time,,, but usually they try to get...
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    Which mortar to repair chimney?

    https://oldhatchimneyservice.com/what-is-a-chimney-cricket-or-saddle/ hadn't heard term 'saddle' before good advice !
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    Sloped Driveway / Leaky Basement

    easy fix,,, which is preferable ? taking the cheap route & revisiting the issue down the road OR repairing the problem correctly the 1st time ? we use hydrophyllic polyurethane for repairing leaking crks,,, polymer-modified conc o'lay mtl MAY be the correct driveway repair,,, poor grading will...
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    Replace blow torch with utility lighter

    what is this stuff ? i'm late to the party,,, a c-top sealer ? on top of what - concrete ?