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    Moisture is a big problem because I live in the rainiest state! How is Boric acid for pets though? I have a cat.... Thanks all!
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    To replace wood center beam with steel?

    :agree:I was just going to say the same thing-adding support should fix the problem. Foundation tho, to me, sounds like the culprit here. Get a 2nd opinion. My best rec-keep us updated
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    Soundproofing during renovation

    I wish my neighbors were considerate enough to think about this topic.
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    Hello!:p I am new here and happy find a site that has DIY work trading ideas. I'm here because I just got a new place thats been partially renovated. Its a new area too so am experiencing some environmental and pest issues. Just looking to learn and hopefully offer a little advice of my...
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    Hey All, My new place has these little bug things that are called silverfish... if you don't know what they are. As far as being a tangible pest-they don't bite humans, eat wood, hurt the cat, really they are any pest ridden persons least...
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    Multi-Generational space

    Hi All, I have recently moved into a brand new place-with half of it being updated and reonovated with the other being a blast from the past. Multi generations. Kitchen/Bathrooms are all updated with granite tops, stainless steel appliances, and new tiling. Bedrooms and living room are old...
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    No they are not. And I don't have groundhogs here. I am blessed with MOLES. TONS OF THEM Best resolution: chewing gum!!! kind of manual intense but instead of poison or some other natural chemical that will irritate worms or something else......use a small gardening shovel and dig on top of...
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    Cleaning up after water leak...

    Can you post a picture? I would hire a professional, sometimes diy work in the end won't give you the kind of results youd like.
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    Stained bathtub

    I think painting over or using comet mixed with baking soda would be the best. Honestly, it just might take a ton of elbow grease and labor. You can do it in sections to make it easier, if you go with painting it-be sure to talk to a specialist at home depot or something to see what kind would...
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    Deck Railing Ideas

    What color is the metal roof? I think a really cool idea would be to mix classic wood designs with a contemporary feel. It sounds like you have already started that with your metal/wood contrast. If you want to keep it classic though-do all wood. Otherwise, I'd suggest stainless steel railing. :)