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    Best adhesive for mirror to plain hollow core door?

    You possibly have plastic clips that mount over the mirror. Do a google search for "concealed mirror clips". The lower clips are fixed, the upper clips are two-piece sliding, sometimes spring loaded. I know people do it anyways, but if you read the instructions on any mirror adhesive, it...
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    OK to use highest rated filter?

    From a Middle School online lesson - below : But it is important to note that there must be motion for work to have been performed. If you just push on the back of a truck, no work has been performed if it does not move. If you don't have motion, one can invert the W to an M and say M=FxD...
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    OK to use highest rated filter?

    No that concern is not realistic. My Armstrong manual specifically states to use a minimum MERV 11 filter.
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    Garage weight bearing post

    That looks like somebody's home made solution. A couple of things that look strange are the proportions of the beam --- wide and short in height. (although that could be just wood skirting around a steel beam and post). Also the location of the control cuts in the slam make me wonder if there...
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    Unsupported sill plate and a stupid engineer

    You seem to be leaving out some of the information. A professional engineer normally gives a written report, not just a verbal. What did it say? Did it say that the footings were insufficient or non existing? Where did the helical piers idea come from ? Not sure I buy that the window doesn't...
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    Unsupported sill plate and a stupid engineer

    I am no expert, but it doesn't take an expert to know there should be a steel lintel over those windows. So those windows were a retrofit ? Foundation Systems of Michigan sounds like they would be qualified to do that work. Going to lose at least 4" to 6" in height. Maybe just have one...
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    Sudden appearance of crack and some warping on drop down ceiling in Kitchen combined with weird random noises from attic.

    That dropped portion of your ceiling does not look structural. Probably, if you go in your attic, you will see the ceiling joists are a foot above that dropped area, level with the rest of the ceiling The dropped area is possibly covering some ducts, pipes, or maybe just because at one point...
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    Dryer vent?

    Could also be Plan A on how to vent something. And Plan A didn't work out.
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    Help Please - Cracks Showing up everywhere!

    House is 42 years old. Stuff happens. Lots of Youtube videos on how to fix cracks in plaster. I would probably go with paper tape and setting compound. Shoe molding on the baseboard. I expect the ceiling is not really cracks, just the joists have shrunk, or maybe pulled the moisture out of...
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    Looking for solutions for shared wall noise

    The good solutions are not simple or cheap. I expect that you have reviewed many of them. (actually they would have been simple and not extremely expensive when your place was built, but that ship has sailed) But one (possibly) simple and cheap part of any of those solutions is that the wall...
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    Foundation Wall Crack

    If you put a long straight-edge on the interior block wall, is it still flat ? Anything noticeable on main floor such as cracks in drywall or doors askew and not closing properly ? Your wall is not waterproof, but since it seems to be totally above grade, that not a huge concern. If no...
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    Floor loading... is it strong enough?

    I recall that in my area, load bearing capacity of the ground is typically between 1000 psf and 5000 psf if it is undisturbed soil. You can possibly search online for better idea of what is common in your area. But if we say 2000 psf, your footings would be good for 14,000 pounds, and the...
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    Mini lathe from my garage

    Mini lathe can be handy. The biggest restriction, I find, is the size of the chuck and through hole. Bigger is better. Also, the tool-holding cross slides are typically not very robust, but you are not going to be cutting hardened steel. You can find mini-lathes like the one by Grizzly...
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    Is this a good quote for windows?

    Seems like your only concern is price. Could be that they picked up on that and are quoting you the cheapest windows they can get. In Michigan, I would have figured that you would be concerned with performance. This is a big investment. You should really educate yourself on window...
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    Prevent freeze of copper pipe?

    Two ways: 1) when abnormally cold weather is approaching, leave a trickle of water flowing from a faucet that this pipe serves. 2) Insulation. You don't really want wrap the pipe with insulation -- that will slow down how long it takes the pipe to freeze, but won't stop it from freezing. You...