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    Floating post

    Is the post always loose, or does it change seasonally ?
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    Floating post

    Nobody here has enough information to give you a meaningful answer. I would guess that one was original and one was added later by a homeowner. So the original builder concluded one post was sufficient. But a later homeowner concluded only the one was not sufficient. If it is loose, its...
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    Who is lying about lumens?

    The other factor is dimming. LED bulbs/fixtures can have difficulty with some dimmers, even if they are specified as "dimmable". Lutron (big manufacture of dimmers) has an online program that you can input the model number of your dimmer, and size and color temperature of the bulb you want to...
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    Correct Legs for Old Workbench Top

    Its a woodworking bench. With an end vise. The square holes allow you to put pegs in there to clamp longer pieces of wood. You can make a support frame from 2x4's or 4x4's
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    Who is lying about lumens?

    Watts is not a measure of light intensity, lumens is. Just look at "lumens" not somebody's interpretation of "similar to". I like about 2400 lumens for a medium sized room (about 100 - 120 sq ft). (Somewhat more if its a work area) That fixture would likely be too small for me (although...
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    Sharpening stones

    The obvious answer is the replacement stones that Wasabi sells. Although you might want to spring for the diamond set. I have a set of diamond stones for sharpening my tools, and love how easily they cut, and don't lose their flat surface.
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    2022 - 23 NHL Hockey

    So both you and everybody else in your area are all pretty happy. Go Wings !
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    Roof got soaked after they stripped shingles

    It was tarped. Little water got through. Any wet sheathing will dry towards the inside. Stop worrying.
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    How many people wear shoes in the house?

    I use "shoes" as slippers, inside the house. But my "indoors shoes" are not used outdoors. I buy slip on shoes for inside the house. They cost about the same but last far longer than most "slippers". I even have a second set of slippers for the basement shop. If I am working on something...
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    Sill plate hovering 1/2 inch over foundation

    If you can feel wind blowing around the gasket, caulk it. If you can't feel air coming through, no need to do anything.
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    some concerns about a concrete footer poured in cold weather

    No problem. Concrete will simply cure slower in cold temperatures. Only problem can be if the concrete freezes within the first 24 hours or so. So pouring concrete on frozen ground is a no-no. The curing process generates a bit a heat, so temperatures have to be a few degrees below...
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    Best construction adhesive, wood to wood

    The standard one, which will say "3X stronger". The "8X stronger", I think they just put fillers in it, so the cured compound is itself likely stronger, but the bond to the wood is already stronger than the wood, and with all the fillers in it, the "8x" stuff is extremely difficult to squeeze...
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    Best construction adhesive, wood to wood

    I like PL Premium. But just about any of the construction adhesives will give you a joint stronger than the wood it is fixed to. If you really want to study this to death, check out what Todd found. Project Farm Part 1 Project Farm Part 2 But not sure plywood is going to give much stiffness...
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    Vapor Barrier

    I don't think you need a vapor barrier. And my mommy says I am very smart. But seriously, the structural engineer and foundation repair man both recommend a vapor barrier. And you are looking for a DIYer like me, who has never seen your house, to tell you otherwise ?
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    Concrete block/brick veneer question

    If you zoom in, you can see they are set in mortar.