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    Composite I-beam question

    Am I missing something here ? We are talking about a joist, not a beam, right ? Hire an engineer to specify a 4 foot long joist ?????
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    Composite I-beam question

    There are rules for maximum size notches that you can put in a joist. I assume you have already googled them. On an engineered I joist like you have, the joist is engineered to specifically have the load taken mostly by the upper and lower members of the joist. So cutting one of them away is...
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    Leaky and rotten siding

    That looks like your footings for your porch/landing. What are your plans for that porch? I would tend to leave the rubble in there.
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    Need advice on choosing better float system for water well cistern

    You lost me on your set up explanation, but if your issue is finding a float switch for your 1 hp motor, check out MDI. They have float switches that can handle 1 HP and even 2 HP. (check out the other tabs too -- they have lots of types of switches and accessories)...
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    How to seal exterior corners of octagon tower?

    I have glued up PVC trim board many times. I use PVC cement that I get in the plumbing department. "Clear" cement is a little less common, but still readily available. When I tested the strength of the bonded joint, the PVC board broke at the parent board, not the joint. Glue set-up time is...
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    Leaky and rotten siding

    Yes, it would be interesting to understand the reasoning for putting in that concrete. But that person also decided it would be a good idea to cover the the framing with a foot and a half of dirt.
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    Leaky and rotten siding

    You mean the 2 x 12 ? Isn't that your rim board, and don't you have floor joists nailed to it on the other side of the 2 x 12 ? Or do the floor joists run parallel to it ?
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    Leaky and rotten siding

    You got a mess there. So the house is built with a slab foundation? Top of the slab should be 8" above exterior finished grade. What height is the top of the slab ? Is it just your siding that is undergound, or your framing too ? You got that all the way around the house, or just in one area ?
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    Sump pump question - urgent

    And look for one that is described as a "Quiet Check Valve"
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    Cracks on corner of slab foundation.

    Looks like somebody did a pretty fair job of patching it already. I would just leave it.
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    What kinda electrical is this?

    Not sure your inspector was accurate. When I look at the second photo with the outlet, the outlet does not look like something that I can slide on the track. A system like that requires the conductors to be to some extent exposed. For sure they would try to create geometry where access is...
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    New Driveway - cracked

    I am no expert. All concrete cracks, but I tend to agree with your position that it should not crack the day of the pour. That likely is a shrinkage crack. Your driveway looks long, but not outrageous long. I don't know industry standards, but I wonder if that should have been poured with...
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    Painting plywood so grain does not show

    This guy skim coated his cabinet with Bondo. I have used Bondo for plywood edges several times, but not for the full surface. Basically sounds reasonable though. Don't put on too much filler. hmmmm. lLink won't display preview, but I think you can still click on "watch on Youtube" . If...
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    Connection to dryer

    As @Snoonyb said. Clearly, that hose doesn't fit that duct.
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    how to solve excessive HVAC noise?

    Is your thermostat programmable ? About 3 hours before you go to bed, lower the temperature set point a couple of degrees. Then, at bed-time, the set point goes back up to your usual temperature. Depending on outside temperature and how well you are insulated, you should get somewhere...