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    Ptrap drips after sink is used

    We put in a new vanity and ptrap. While water is running there is no water leaking. After we leave the bathroom there is a little drip coming somewhere we don’t know. All the plastic nuts are tight.
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    Fixing garage floor

    Half of my garage is smooth. The other half looks like it is pitting or deteriorating. I know I can get concrete vinyl patch and cover the rough areas, if there anything else I can use to cover a larger area? Thanks
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    Air hissing out of a closed outdoor faucet

    I have an outdoor faucet in my garage. It’s been leaking so I made sure it is closed very tight. There is no water dripping but I am hearing and feeling air coming out of the faucet. Anybody experience something like this before? Is it bad? How would I fix it?
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    Clueless about repairing lawn

    Thank you all for the tips!
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    Clueless about repairing lawn

    I’m in upstate NY. I was told to wait till after last frost then to rack it and spread new grass seed.
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    Clueless about repairing lawn

    We bought a house last October and we have noticed there are many spots of balding grass. The previous owners cut down 2 large trees that covered the back of the house so we have lots of bare spots there. This is one picture of my side yard. Where do I start? Any tips?
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    Trying to find information about door

    I’m trying to find out information about the type of door in the pictures. I specifically want to know if I can take the glass door out and replace it with a screen. Thanks!
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    Gaps in wood floor

    We have several areas in our house where our wood floors are getting small gaps between the slats. It’s not just 1 area but all over the 1st floor. The picture below is what one of the gaps look like. Does anybody know what is causing this and how to repair/prevent it from happening again? Thanks
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    Cabinet meets ceiling crack

    House was built in 70’s Not sure what that is. Maybe Not really center
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    Cabinet meets ceiling crack

    Here is this old house we have. I have this issue. 2 questions- 1- What is cause of the separation? 2- How do I fix that? Thanks all
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    Crack in walls

    Yea I know. It’s bad. I’m thinking just using paintable caulk to cover it up. Or maybe just using drywall repair gunk in a can to fill it in.
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    Crack in walls

    Nothing’s been moved. There is a fireplace on the right hand side. Crack is old.
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    Crack in walls

    Other question is what creates the horizontal crack like in the 1st picture
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    Crack in walls

    Just moved into a new house and found these cracks in the wall. How would I repair these? I’m a newb when it comes to these types of issues. Thanks all!!
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    Need advice

    This is what we have now (2) of them This is what we bought. Hope this helps And thanks!!